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CariFree treatment helped this patient finally realize a healthy mouth she isn’t afraid to show off.

CariFree treatment helped this patient finally realize a healthy mouth she isn’t afraid to show off.

In 2011, Susan Klatz Beal had a lot of dental problems that required major reconstruction, problems that would lead to 5 front teeth crowns.

But that wasn’t the only treatment she’d need. When her dentists, Dr. Dino Mantis and Dr. Jon Howell, tested the acid level in her mouth, they found it was very high-as was the level of bacteria. That’s when they decided to start Susan on CariFree treatment. Since then Susan has used CariFree CTx3 Rinse, CTx3 Gel, CTx2 Xylitol Gum, and CTx4 Treatment Rinse.

Here she tells us about her experiences with these products and how they helped improve her overall health.

Q: Do you know what caused this?

A: Not really, but the bacteria has caused major problems, including several infections in the canal of a tooth that anchored a bridge (the bridge has been in place for 11 years), one of which tested positive for both Staph and Strep. I later had another infection in the back anchor tooth. The bacteria and acid were eroding the enamel, making me more prone to caries and other problems, and compromising the integrity of the tooth structure.

Q: What have you learned about the caries disease process?

A: I didn’t know that bacteria and acid could cause such serious problems, and I didn’t know that even though I brush regularly, sometimes that isn’t enough. I also learned genetics can be a factor. That explained how I was still getting caries and contracting infections even though I was taking such good care of my teeth.

Q: How has the treatment process changed your condition?

A: My mouth feels much healthier, much cleaner, I have fewer caries, and with the exception of the things that I can’t control (like infections) I do notice that I have much less plaque, and my dentist is finding far fewer problems during my twice yearly exams.

Q: How has this changed the way you view dentists?

A: I like dentists now. Anyone who can free me of miserable pain is a hero in my book. Both of my dentists have helped me learn how to take better care of my mouth, even if that means that they don’t get as much business from me-other than for regular twice yearly visits, cleaning and check-ups.

Q: Do you think CariFree and risk assessment should be standard in dental offices?

A: Absolutely. I had no idea that even though I was drinking diet soda, the acid was eroding my teeth and messing up the pH balance of my mouth, and that could make me more prone to caries and other problems. I love how healthy my mouth feels, and when my mouth feels that great, it’s only natural that I’d want to take better care of my teeth.

The way I see it, if all dentists did an assessment, patients would better understand some of the lifestyle habits they engage in that may be compromising the health of their mouth, and by extension, their teeth.

Q: Do you think there are patients who would benefit from risk assessment who can’t access it?

A: Yes, mostly because of the cost and lack of knowledge. People don’t realize there is an important correlation between oral health and overall physical health. A healthy mouth may alleviate other health problems in the process. It did for me!

Q: What else would you like people to know about your story?

A: I’ve pretty much had to have the entire top of my mouth reconstructed because of caries, bacterial infections and other issues. I had amazing crowns constructed for my five front teeth (using the Kois Center technology and procedures.)

I used to refuse to have pictures taken because I was embarrassed of my smile. As a writer, avoiding photos is almost impossible because I need to have pictures of myself to accompany my bios. My mouth feels so nice now that I love to show off the new work.

Do you know how to talk to your patients about the oral systemic link? Check out this Morning Huddle Video for tips:

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