Discussing Dental Artificial Intelligence with Stephen DiBenedotto, DDS, FAGD


Stephen DiBenedotto, DDS, FAGD, talks about dental artificial intelligence and the capabilities he's unlocked using software from VideaAI. [3 minutes]


In this Dental Products Report interview, Steven DiBenedetto, DDS, FAGD, explains how he uses VideaAI software and how this VideaHealth artificial intelligence dental solution is helping both patients and clinicians in several practices, including those within 42 North Dental, the largest dental service organization in the Northeast. Dr DiBenedetto is the dental director for Southern Connecticut Dental Group in Southbury, Connecticut, and is also the regional clinical director for 42 North Dental.

Hi everyone. My name is Dr Steven DiBenedetto. I am the dental director for Southern Connecticut Dental Group in Southbury, Connecticut. I'm also the regional Clinical Director for 42 North Dental based out of Waltham, Massachusetts.

I began with VideaHealth probably about a year ago, when we were just kind of getting things off the ground, and really got to see it evolve from, you know, pretty much straightforward caries detection with interproximal lesions to all the way to seeing periodontal issues, radiographic bone loss, and periapical pathologies. I can honestly say it's truly transformed my practice for myself and for my associates and specialists in the office. It has helped us as it allows us to evaluate x-rays in real time. As you know, we're speaking to a patient, educating them on what our findings are and what their treatment needs are. As we go through the process of showing them on the x-ray, what we see in the VideaHealth system is really nice because it really directs folks to what they need to be looking at and focusing on.

For me, it's been really helpful in finding some smaller lesions that I might have dismissed or thought maybe we would watch, and it's really drawn my eyes to those areas that ended up being something [and] that I was really happy that I treated.

For my associates, the same thing…we've picked up on more pathology for same-day treatment, and it's just a really nice asset to have within our practice. I really look forward to some of the future ideas with VideaHealth. I know the folks at the office are really working to try to dial in any improved accuracies and how we can narrow in on certain areas and attach education points to these areas in terms of what treatments are needed and what follow-up care would be necessary.

Again, it's really been a game-changer for my office. I've really seen an increase in productivity among myself and providers. I think I'm improving the quality of care that I'm able to offer to my patients, and I really look forward to the future with VideaHealth integrated within our offices. You know, to add VideaHealth is very easy to onboard within a practice. We had great support from the VideaHealth team. They were onsite if needed, virtually anytime that we needed any questions answered. The software is pretty seamless with most practice management software

right off the bat so it makes things nice and easy to really integrate with your workflow. I can't say enough how much the support is really important to us and how much we're appreciative that they're able to be there and help us out.

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