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Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2013-08-01
Issue 8

Chosen by a distinguished panel comprised of some of the most forward-looking dentists in the industry, this year’s winners were narrowed down after lively debate.

Chosen by a distinguished panel comprised of some of the most forward-looking dentists in the industry, this year’s winners were narrowed down after lively debate.

In each issue of Dental Products Report between now and October we will highlight a handful of the 18 honorees.

You’ll find general information on the product, insights from the panelists and a testimonial from a relatable user who has seen that excellence in his or her own practice.

All of this background prepares you to see the products in action at the “Best of Class” Technology Fair at the ADA Annual Session in New Orleans

3Shape Trios® Color

3Shape TRIOS® Color is a next-generation intraoral impression solution that is fast, accurate and easy to use. TRIOS is built on 3Shape’s Ultrafast Optical Sectioning™ technology and its features include powder-free scanning, high accuracy capture in color, optimized scanning for an extensive range of indications, clinical scan validation, intuitive Smart-Touch user interface and more.

Scanning is easy with TRIOS®. There is no need to hold the scanner at a specific angle or distance for focus and dentists or assistants can even rest the scanner on the teeth for support as they scan. The system contains a broad array of smart tools that lets dentists edit their scans and easily rescan specific areas.

The integration with the Communicate™ cloud allows dentists and labs to interact and exchange case information, 3D designs, 2D treatment previews and comments.

“In addition to the scans, the unit is available in a component configuration eliminating the cart, giving many installation options. 3Shape has been a staple in the lab business and has brought their expertise to the chairside.” -Dr. Paul Feuerstein

“3Shape has done a tremendous amount of R&D and created a device that incorporates many features that digital impression users have been longing for.” -Dr. John Flucke

“This technology allows for powder-free scanning in color with an incredibly easy workflow and very low learning curve. In addition, the software package allows practitioners to access their scans via an iPad app and directly communicate with their laboratory with regards to the digital model work and proposed contour of restorations.” -Dr. Parag Kachalia

In My Experience | Dr. David Wohl

Without a doubt, 3Shape TRIOS Digital Scanning has been the most significant and dramatic addition to our practice in my 32 years of practice.

Integration was seamless and the training was simple. On the second day we were scanning multiple unit cases, which delivered with no adjustments. Patients value our commitment to investing in cutting edge technology for their benefit. Not only have we decreased our appointment time, increased our patient confidence and comfort, but we significantly increased the accuracy and the longevity of the restorations we provide to our patients.

Implants, conventional crown and bridge, cosmetics; it’s a win-win-everyone benefits. Our transition into the age of digital dentistry could not have been more rewarding or simplistic without 3Shape TRIOS.

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ActionRun® Clinical Reactivator®

Dormant patients need more than a generic reason to return. ActionRun’s Clinical Reactivator® service gives all your dormant patients clinically personalized reasons to come back. Instead of simple, generic automated e-mail or text solutions, ActionRun can analyze each patient’s clinical record and compel dormant patients to return with clinical reasons specific to them-even without a treatment plan.

Clinical Reactivator ® is automated and requires no involvement from your staff. Because it is cloud-based, there is no hardware or software to buy or maintain.

By effectively reactivating your dormant patients, ActionRun helps you improve those patients’ health while boosting your production. Because it works so consistently well, ActionRun offers a performance guarantee based on your production from reactivated patients. Clinical Reactivator® is part of a complete line of HIPPA-compliant patient communication solutions offered by ActionRun.

“There are other reactivation services but none are as sophisticated as ActionRun. It uses advanced technologies like cloud computing, data mining, targeted marketing and self-learning artificial intelligence in a fully automated e-service.” -Dr. Larry Emmott

“I am a client and have found the service to be a plus for our practice. My staff likes the fact that ActionRun does all of its work ‘behind the scenes’ and requires no effort by my administrative team. The system functions autonomously to encourage patients to return to the practice and complete necessary treatment that helps boost monthly production numbers.” -Dr. John Flucke

In My Experience | Dr. Sean Mohn

In my two years using ActionRun, it has generated more than $129,600 in production I otherwise would not have seen. ActionRun’s clinically personalized reactivation works quantifiably and consistently well on dormant patients, better than other generic communication systems.

Dormant patients really need more than just a generic reason to return. ActionRun has consistently brought back patients dormant for years, each generating up to thousands of dollars in production. ActionRun solves the classic reactivation problem in ways no others have, far more effectively than anything else I’ve seen. It is truly revolutionary, innovative and a key component of my practice.

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Align Technology SmartTrack™

Highly elastic SmartTrack™ aligner material is said to deliver gentle, more constant force to improve control of tooth movements with aligner treatment. When the aligner is stretched, the material returns more closely to the programmed aligner shape to improve tracking.

The material delivers a low initial insertion force for improved patient comfort, while maintaining more constant force. It is designed to more precisely conform to the tooth morphology, attachments and interproximal spaces to improve control of tooth movement and finishing. It requires no changes to current treatment procedures.

“Trays simply fit much better than all prior clear aligner materials. The SmartTrack material adapts very well to the contours of the patient’s dentition, allowing cases to progress more predictably. Equally important, patients report that trays are more comfortable than prior clear aligners.” -Dr. Parag Kachalia

In My Experience | Dr. Ben Miraglia

Luckily, I was invited to join in the clinical trials with the SmartTrack so I have been using it on my patients for almost a full year now.

SmartTrack is easier to handle for patients. It is a more comfortable material with a little more flexibility. This allows patients to place and remove their aligners easily. The flexibility allows both dentist and patient to use Invisalign on even more severe cases of crowding with the confidence that the aligner can be placed accurately and removed comfortably.

The previous material was a little more rigid, making it a slight negative for severe cases due to the path of insertion. Clinically, SmartTrack delivers the control necessary to correct any malocclusion, no matter how severe. I pride myself on using Invisalign as a comprehensive orthodontic technique to move all 28 teeth where they belong in an ideal occlusion. I use the aligners to perform significant expansion and rotation of molars. It has never disappointed and I continue to challenge the material by selecting more difficult cases.

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Doxa Ceramir

Ceramir is an advanced technology used to create a new class of materials called Nanostructurally Integrating Bioceramics (NIB). This Ceramir technology- which holds more than 100 patents-is the result of more than 25 years of extensive bioceramic research by Doxa.

New Ceramir Crown & Bridge permanent cement is the first product using NIB technology, creating a resilient, more natural, biocompatible dental luting cement that integrates with natural tooth structure, is stable in the mouth and exhibits tooth-like physical and mechanical properties.

It is a self-sealing material that results in an alkaline seal for permanent acid resistance. Ceramir Crown & Bridge is indicated for PFM, zirconia, gold, metal and lithium disilicate full coverage crowns and bridges, as well as gold inlays and onlays, and metal pre-fab or cast metal posts.

Ceramir eliminates the need for bonding agents, conditioners, special cleaners, and primers. It also cleans up easily, and patients are pleased because of no pain during placement, or post-op sensitivity. It’s a new way to think about cementation.

“Biotechnology, meet dentistry. This cement has the ability to essentially help grow hydroxyapaptite and form a true seal between the restoration and tooth interface. In addition, there is essentially no sensitivity that patients report upon cementation and cement is incredibly easy to clean off.” -Dr. Parag Kachalia

"A cement that you can use with any restoration you choose. Bonds to zirconia and great with e.Max or PFMs.” -Dr. Marty Jablow

"This is one of those products that seems too good to be true...until you use it. Great adhesion, minimal (if any) sensitivity, and bioactive nano-materials. If you haven’t tried Ceramir yet, you should.” -Dr. John Flucke

In My Experience | Dr. Brian J. Gray

At three plus years of continual use in my practice, when compared to ALL other general luting agents, Ceramir has proven to be the most superior material. Easy to use, easy to clean up, biocompatible and zero sensitivity-Ceramir is a trusted and regular part of my prosthetic armamentarium.

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