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REVIEW: How DEXIS® Digital Imaging System can improve case acceptance in your practice [VIDEO]

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2013-11-01
Issue 11

Dr. Gerald Bittner, Jr. on how DEXIS® Digital Imaging System has benefited his patients and his practice.

Dr. Gerald Bittner, Jr. on how DEXIS® Digital Imaging System has benefited his patients and his practice.

What first brought you to DEXIS?

One of my biggest challenges was getting the hygienists and assistants to “buy in” to the switch from traditional film to digital. This didn’t happen as quickly as I would have liked, because we started out with a different brand of digital x-ray.

After a frustrating time with another type of digital system loaded with issues, I gave up 10 of their sensors to move to DEXIS. The team loved it.

When I present a case, the patient needs to have a high opinion of my abilities. I don’t want imaging glitches that could cause me to backpedal trying to save the case rather than going forward with it. I get great performance with DEXIS.

How has DEXIS given you a good ROI over the years?

It has been nice to see the positive effects on my staff and patients. It really contributes to public relations and makes my whole team look good.

The assistants don’t have the embarrassment of retaking an x-ray and keeping the patient waiting while it develops. With the speed of digital, a retake, when needed, can be done almost instantly.

In my opinion, having a digital system helps make diagnosis easier. To start, I am not trying to look at tiny film x-ray with a magnifying glass.

Over the years we have gone from 13-inch to 20+-inch screens making treatment planning, which I consider to be a joint effort between me and my patient, even easier.

Now, when I show them a cause for concern on their DEXIS x-rays and on a 20-inch screen, they ask me, “Why don’t we fix this?” I use ClearVu™ most of the time to enhance the contrast and add clarity to x-rays-an especially remarkable image enhancement tool.

When I work with a cosmetic case, which is a true love in my practice, DEXIS plays a major part in presentation. I can display all their x-rays and digital photographs, and even create and display a graphic of the final result.

It takes the guesswork and the misconceptions out of the treatment equation, and makes the patient feel comfortable about the whole process.

With DEXIS, my patients understand the need for compliance, and we achieve more case acceptance.

How has your DEXIS system changed over the years?

I have been through a lot of different imaging programs from the original DICOM system 15 years ago till now, and was even a beta tester for DEXIS Imaging Suite.

This new version of software and the new Platinum sensor were great updates to this already great system. Now with DEXIS go®, we have the option of using an iPad® to move about the office and share images.

But it’s not just the upgrades from DEXIS that has impacted my practice-it’s the change from the other systems to DEXIS.

The company has done a good job of integrating all of its imaging tools so that I can efficiently get the results that I want without feeling like I have to become a computer program editor, which was the case with many of my old imaging programs.

I want to spend my time doing dentistry, not “computing.” DEXIS lets me do this.

What would you say to doctors still using film?

To those dentists still using film, I would ask, “Why not use something quicker, more effective for the patient and better for the environment?”

My patients and my office deserve the quality that we get with DEXIS. Why not go with the best? 

Want more? Check out this video on the benefits of DEXIS go.

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