Joseph S. LoParo: 3Shape TRIOS is the next-gen version of traditional crown and bridge impressions

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Joseph S. LoParo, DMD, of Charlotte, N.C, tells Dental Products Report what his first-hand experience with the 3Shape TRIOS digital scanning system has been like.

Joseph S. LoParo, DMD, of Charlotte, N.C, tells Dental Products Report what his first-hand experience with the 3Shape TRIOS digital scanning system has been like.

My experience with dental technology has been very positive over the years so like practice management software, digital radiography and all-tissue lasers, incorporating digital impression scanning technology was a reasonable progression for me.

When did you first learn of the TRIOS?

I saw promo ads from 3Shape about their upcoming launch of the TRIOS digital scanner and I was aware that 3Shape dental lab scanners have been very popular with many dental labs.

It seemed reasonable that there would be better compatibility and familiarity with the lab by using a device based on similar technology.

At the 2012 Hinman Dental Meeting in Atlanta, I had the opportunity to get hands-on exposure with several of the competitive brands of scanners and finally committed to the 3Shape TRIOS for its clean line design, most intuitive software, speed of data capture and no need for powdering of the teeth.

What results have you experienced with this technology?

I have been using the TRIOS for 11 full months and we have all but eliminated traditional crown and bridge impressions. Once through the learning curve, we have gained very high confidence in this scanner because of the reliable fit and shorter seat times of the restorations we get back.

What do you like best about using the TRIOS scanner?

For most all single and double units, we do not request printed models and going from a digital image on the screen to the finished crowns in a box that fit so well without models is really amazing!

The staff response has been very good because they are directly involved with taking the preliminary scans. They tell me that this makes them feel like they are working in a modern office providing high-quality care. And they think it can be quite fun to scan and see the patient reaction to the images.

Why would you recommend this to a colleague?

I would recommend scanning technology as the obvious next generation to traditional crown and bridge impression materials. The cost savings are real and are found in such things as lab bill discounts and elimination of expensive PVS materials and required paraphernalia.

Another benefit is the reduced stress associated with waiting 4 minutes or so to see if your PVS impression has come out good for the first, second or third time. The image on the scanner screen can be evaluated immediately and in great detail with the zoom features.

3Shape TRIOS

Featuring Ultrafast Optical Sectioning technology, TRIOS uses up to 1,000 3D pictures to

create geometries based on real data. The scanner captures more than 3,000 2D images per second and does not require dentists to apply spray to coat the patient’s teeth, making scanning fast, accurate and comfortable for patients.

Dentists can preview 3D lab designs on the TRIOS screen, evaluate and agree on margin lines, access virtual diagnostic wax-ups and generally discuss cases with labs and patients when convenient. With TRIOS Color, scans are created in natural colors to help distinguish between teeth, gingiva, restorative materials, and users can easily identify true preparation margins while also enhancing the scanning experience.


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