How to place a provisional fixed restoration in one appointment

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2014-02-01, Issue 2

Simplifying the implant process with Hi-Tec Implant's EXPERT 5.00 implants.

Simplifying the implant process with Hi-Tec Implant's EXPERT 5.00 implants.

A 66 year-old male patient lost the post and crown on premolar No. 45 because of decay. The treatment plan called for the extraction of the root to immediately place an implant in the socket. The patient insisted on receiving an immediate provisional restoration and it was decided to place an abutment and a provisional crown immediately after surgery, rather than prepare a removable restoration that interferes with the healing of the site.

To achieve the required stability and adaptation to extraction site, the EXPERT 5.00 implant (HI-TEC IMPLANTS) was selected because of its root form that fits the extraction site and wider apical threads that provide initial stability (Fig. 3).   

In addition, EXPERT’s platform-switching feature helps preserve the bone level. 

The tooth was extracted (Fig. 4), and a 2 mm round bur was used to achieve the correct direction of preparation, after which a 2 mm drill was used to reach determined depth.

Preparation continued until the final drill of diameter 4.3 mm (Fig.  5).

EXPERT 5.00 length 11.5 mm (HI-TEC IMPLANTS) was inserted (Fig. 6), and a 2 mm shoulder height abutment was placed on the implant (Fig. 7) before the flap was sutured around the abutment. The acrylic crown was prepared and cemented with temporary cement (Fig. 8).

Two months later the impression was taken and a PFM crown was prepared and cemented.