7 ways your website is hurting your business

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2014-02-01, Issue 2

Are you making any of these website mistakes? It could be hurting your dental practice.

Are you making any of these website mistakes? It could be hurting your dental practice.

1. It’s out of date

Current and potential patients visit your website to learn more about your practice. If you have information about promotions that are over or an old phone number, patients will leave frustrated and confused. An out-of-date, unattractive design will also send them to the next practice’s website.

2. You don’t have a blog

Regularly adding fresh content will not only keep your website interesting, but will also make it more likely to show up when patients are searching for a practice in your area. If it’s static, you’ll probably be left off the results page. Create a blog and update it with information about your practice.

3. There’s no contact information

Your phone number, email, street address, and links to social media should be easy to find. Consider adding a map. Make it easy for patients to contact and find you.

4. You’re not showcasing your work

Your website can be a great marketing tool. Post before-and-after photos. Ask patients for testimonials and post them on your site. You do great work, and your website is a great place to show that off.

5. It’s not easy to navigate

Many of your patients are Web-savvy. If your website is too cluttered or too confusing, they won’t stay very long and they likely won’t come back.

6. It’s broken

Creating links to articles about your practice or your social media pages is great, but won’t do you or your patients any good if the links don’t work.

7. You don’t have enough information

When patients visit your website, they want to know what services you offer. They want to learn more about you and your team. Make sure you feature up-to-date information on you and your team members and the products and services you offer.