How to handle daily pain in the dental office before it becomes chronic [VIDEO]

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If you’re dealing with daily aches and pain during the work day, Timothy Caruso has some tips for you.

If you’re dealing with daily aches and pain during the work day, Timothy Caruso has some tips for you.

In preparation for an upcoming webinar, Kevin Henry, group editorial director for Advanstar Dental Media, talked about ergonomics and pain the dental office with Caruso. The webinar led by Caruso is now available on-demand and focuses on easy ways to alleviate work-related pain.

Caruso tells Henry that two of the biggest mistakes he sees dentists make when it comes to improving ergonomics are not dealing with daily pain head on and thinking it’s too much work.

When these issues aren’t addressed, those daily pains can easily turn into chronic pain.

It’s also a misconception that keeping your focus on ergonomics means you have to re-fit an entire operatory, he says. In reality, there are simple changes every dentist, assistant and hygienist can make to improve conditions at work that may be causing pain.

One of Caruso’s tips to improve your working posture is to get help from a co-worker and photographs. He recommends a co-worker take a photo of you during the work day in the correct posture position and calls you out when in the incorrect posture position.

It’s easier to notice these mistakes when you’re “in the trenches” of daily work, so to speak.

Related to the webinar is also a free e-book, “7 Ways to Avoid Work-Related Pain and Extend Your Career” available here. In the e-book, we show you some common causes of musculoskeletal pain and offer tips on how to overcome them.

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Timothy Caruso is a practicing Physical Therapist who has focused his professional expertise in the areas of manual therapy, orthopedics and neuromusculoskeletal disorders. He is a member of the ADA’s Ergonomic and Disability Support Advisory Committee and has worked extensively with the dental community since 1988.

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