FAIR Health releases the most searched dental services by healthcare consumers

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FAIR Health is an independent data company that serves the healthcare system through data tools and education.

FAIR Health is an independent data company that serves the healthcare system through data tools and education.

As a nonprofit organization, FAIR Health’s mission is to bring fairness and transparency to health insurance information and healthcare costs by acting as a neutral party that translates the data they collect into resources that help support all parties.

In their most recent endeavor, FAIR Health has attempted to bring integrity to the data regarding the dental services that consumers are most in need of cost information. In their most recent release, FAIR Health shared the top fifteen most searched dental services by healthcare consumers that are most frequently looking for cost information. The results of this data also depicts the changes in the most searched dental services from 2013 and 2014.

Robin Gelburd, president of FAIR Health, explains that this information “gives a pretty clear indicator of the services and procedures of greater interest.” She explains that these results could be reflective of utilization or high levels of cost sharing that consumers are researching.

FAIR Health released this information with the hopes that all parties can use it as a resource to gain information and insight on the priorities of consumers. Gelburd further commented that this information “may cause dental professionals to reexamine their dental fees or even seek dental education, so that they can provide these procedures to their patients. It may also cause health plans to design benefits that make these procedures more accessible to members.”

Gelburd said that FAIR Health’s main hope is that this resource will be used as a tool to make the information more accessible to patients. She even explained, “FAIR Health has found that the more trusted information that all parties in the dental industry have access to, the more constructive the relationships are between each of these parties.”

Overall, FAIR Health hopes that the data they collect will help bring conversation and help to provide more information for all parties, so that there can be optimization of patient care and treatment planning. Check out the results of the 2014 Most Searched Dental services and how they compare to the results from 2013.

Most Searched Dental Services (in order of frequency)

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