Envista to Acquire Osteogenics Biomedical

Envista has announced that it is acquiring Osteogenics Biomedical to expand in the regenerative therapies and implant arenas.

Envista Holdings Corporation has announced that it will acquire Osteogenics Biomedical Inc, Allotech LLC, and OBI Biologies. These 3 groups combine to make Osteogenics as a whole.

Osteogenics researches and develops a variety of regenerative therapies and bone grafting products for implant dentistry. According to a press release from Envista, bone grafting and these regenerative therapies promote bone stability, a key aspect in implant dentistry. Envista will expand in the regenerative field through this acquisition, according to CEO Amir Aghdaei.

“Increasing our capabilities in regenerative solutions is consistent with our intention to digitize, personalize, and democratize oral care,” said Aghdaei in the press release. “Osteogenics is a recognized pioneer in membrane technologies used in dental bone grafting procedures. They are a trusted brand and have a proven track record of growth. We are excited to welcome the Osteogenics team to Envista.”

The acquisition is expected to close in the third quarter and is not subject to a financing condition or shareholder vote.