Destination Education: Top 3 educational seminars for your team [VIDEO]

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Courses designed to get your staff to ante up for success.

Courses designed to get your staff to ante up for success.

In a professional environment, there are few feelings worse than coming back from an incredible conference, eager to implement new ideas and systems, and receiving blank or disapproving stares from your team.

It is both disheartening and one of the greatest threats to your practice achieving its full potential.

In an October 2011 poll, Gallup found that 52% of respondents described themselves as “not engaged” in their work - meaning they are “emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and are less likely to be productive.”

The good news is, you don’t have to completely reinvent your team - you just have to motivate them, include them, and give them a reason to be as invested in patient care and practice success as you are.

That may sound like a lot of work, but DenMat’s Destination Education event, November 8-10 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, is designed to provide you with just the kick start you and your team need to reach that next level.

In addition to provocative topics -sex! injectables! money! - there is an impressive educational line-up that includes advancements regarding Lumineers (thinnovation), advancements in prosthetic dentistry, cone beam technology, dental digital photography, soft tissue lasers and more - but consider these the top three educational seminars for your team.

1. Dr. Mike Kessner’s “Double Your Case Acceptance with One Sentence”

If you’ve ever had a patient demur with an, “I’ll think about it,” instead of saying yes to treatment - this is the course for you and your team.

The average acceptance rate of dentists is only 23%, meaning 7 or 8 out of 10 new patients are leaving your practice without doing the dental treatment you recommend.

Dr. Kessner believes he can help you - no matter where you practice or what state the economy is in - with just one simple sentence.

Drawing on his experience as the top Lumineer provider in the world, Dr. Kessner explains the psychology behind why patients make the treatment decisions they do, and how your team can inspire patients to want (and afford) the dental treatment they need.

Why this is a MUST for your team:

Case acceptance is not a solo project. Your team needs to hear what you hear and be up to speed on the techniques that will help the entire staff see your cosmetic treatment load double.

2. Dr. Lou Graham’s “A Sound Recession Proof Restorative/Hygiene Practice: Integrating the Team and Creating the ‘Value’”

You may not realize you have a “philosophical approach” to dentistry, but you do. And depending on how good you are at explaining that approach, you may be struggling to implement it beyond your individual care.

Dr. Graham’s course will give you the tools necessary to translate your vision to the team for seamless interaction and provide a more consistent approach to your exams and communication skills.

By highlighting an actual “day in practice,” Dr. Graham will demonstrate how hygiene growth is tied to overall growth (and how most offices are giving away their profits). You’ll understand the different approaches needed for the dental hygienist versus the doctor, and gain insight into dynamic new programs the entire team will be excited to discuss.

Why this is a MUST for your team:

The hygiene department is crucial to the success of this strategy. You want them involved from the beginning. They need to catch the vision and feel like stakeholders. With so many people nervous about the economy and its impact on their business, chances are, they’ll be happy to sit in and learn the role they play in creating job security for themselves and the team.

3. Dr. Christian Coachman’s “Smile Design, Teamwork and Patient Management”

Dr. Coachman’s premise is simple: Esthetic dentistry is about more than just technical skills and state-of-the-art materials - it is about the way you value the disharmonies, the way you communicate all the issues with the team and the way you present the treatment plan to the patient.

Your team will get a strategic perspective on the tools behind the Digital Smile Design process, and hear firsthand how this workflow will improve esthetic diagnosis, communication skills, case documentation, educational capabilities and case acceptance.

This course is about more than just cheerleading for digital technology. You’ll have a practical grasp of interdisciplinary treatment planning, facial analytics, an effective digital photography protocol, and more.

Why this is a MUST for your team:

Digital Smile Design is the future of dentistry-hands down.

By bringing your team to this course, you give them a glimpse at the way the profession is evolving. This will hopefully create new motivation and engagement with the team, and get them excited about the role they play in creating new opportunities and amazing results for the patient.

To register today, or for more information, call 877-336-9672 or visit

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