7 more tips to ramp up your time management skills [VIDEO]

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2013-03-01, Issue 3

Products, procedures and best practices to help you maximize your time and your team’s productivity.

Products, procedures and best practices to help you maximize your time and your team’s productivity.

Reclaiming the clock starts with one simple piece of advice: Clinician, know thyself.

Finding spots where you and your team can implement more efficient methods or integrate products to help save time means having a strong sense of what your workflow currently entails. What aspects of your day take up the most time -considering both the front desk and the operatory? Are there moments of your day where you wish you could spend more time? When do you get most frustrated?

Adding to last week’s six tips to boost your efficiency in the office, here are seven more ways to help take your productivity to new levels. Check back next week. We have 51 helpful tips in all!

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07Design matters.

It isn’t just about a practice looking “pretty.” The way your operatory is arranged and the relation of the delivery system to operator seating and the surrounding environment is crucial. What you gain in terms of seconds can make you not only more efficient, but can have a positive effect on your overall ergonomics health as well.

08Avoid shadows to add efficiency.

Coaxially mounted LED headlights allow clinicians to work in a shadowless environment. Not having to repeatedly reposition an overhead light to avoid shadows adds efficiency to every procedure. And the focused beam of light directly into the oral cavity significantly enhances visual acuity, resulting in better patient care. Insight provided by Orascoptic

09 Streamline your patient intake process.

Why double your work? The traditional pen and clipboard style of updating health history forms usually means someone else is responsible for keying all that information into the system after the fact. Now, thanks to tablet technology and other integrated systems, patients can update their personal data electronically, reducing the time spent and potential errors associated with the old method.

10 Consider how delivery systems impact clean-up time.

Danville’s MOJO II VPS and MOJO II Endo Post/Core Build up delivery system will increase office efficiency by eliminating delivery syringe and gun/cartridge clean up. The MOJO II and MOJO II ENDO have eliminated re-takes/re-dos with impressions, endo posts and build-ups. Insight provided by Danville

11 Decrease your hygienist’s chair time (and improve ergonomics).

PerioShield™ is the only rinse with the proprietary active ingredient delmopinol (0.2%), which creates an invisible barrier and inhibits plaque formation. In addition to all the clinical benefits afforded patients, delmopinol is also capable of disrupting the existing plaque matrix by reducing the viscosity of glucans and loosening the cohesive properties of plaque, making it easier to remove mechanically.

12 Make sure your curing light is compatible with the materials you use.

Bluephase Style is the most efficient curing light on the market. Its Polywave technology will erase any material compatibility concerns, while its specially designed light probe will make even the toughest areas of the mouth easy to access. Combine these features with an easy-to-use two-button operation and an inductive charging system for easier maintenance, and you have a curing light that saves everyone in your practice time and frustration. Insight provided by Ivoclar Vivadent

13 Don’t mess with mixing.

Make sure your team is taking full advantage of automated, dynamic mixing machines. They are able to prepare impression materials quickly, ensuring a homogenous smooth mix without the air bubbles that are a common hurdle in hand mixing. Save your hands and save your time by going automatic.