5Ws* vTail app

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report October 2022, Volume 56, Issue 10

This new mobile app gives clinicians immediate access to product information, education, and support.


vTail app


vTail Healthcare Communications, Inc


When searching for quick answers on instructions for use (IFUs), clinical applications, and more.


On your smartphone or tablet.


vTail is a mobile application that allows health care professionals to connect with their vendors for product information, education, and support. The mobile app is free and designed to give instant access to the product information you need when you need it. Clinicians can choose how and when to connect with companies, and all communication is done through the app, so there is no sharing of personal information.

*The How:

Clinicians can manage the companies they have contact with, eliminating the “sales pitch.” On vTail, they can see a digital Rolodex of their assigned reps from all participating companies. They can reach out for immediate information or advice using built-in HIPAA–enabled video calls, audio, chat, and file sharing.

The app is designed as a portal that offers information on thousands of products, including IFUs, product specifications, reimbursement information, educational information, and instructional videos. It also features a news feed, which keeps users up to date on industry news, journal articles, and association posts, all curated to match your interests or specialty.