Natural Elegance® by Henry Schein: A Natural Fit for Your Busy Practice

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report October 2022
Volume 56
Issue 10

[SPONSORED ADVERTORIAL] A look at the benefits of the Natural Elegance line of products from Henry Schein.

Henry Schein Natural Elegance Flowable Composite
Natural Elegance bulk fill composite

Henry Schein’s Natural Elegance® composites and bonding agents are designed to optimize restorative outcomes while providing an excellent value for the dental practice. We look at the benefits of Henry Schein’s Natural Elegance line, the pain points it addresses in a busy dental practice, and why Henry Schein Brand Products help clinicians meet their practice goals.

The Benefits of the Natural Elegance Line

Natural Elegance line bears the tagline “The Ultimate in Restoration Quality.” However, quality means different things to different people. We spoke to two Henry Schein product experts to determine what quality means to them.

Felicitas Rätzke, Product Category Manager with Henry Schein, says the benefits of different composites in the Natural Elegance line address different daily clinical situations. “In other words, a complete solution for everyday use,” Rätzke says.

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The Natural Elegance Premium Flow Nano Composite was designed for smaller, harder-to-reach preps, among other dental restorations. When used as a base, its fluoride-releasing formulation helps prevent secondary caries. In addition, it has nanoparticles, making it strong, polishable, and resistant to wear. Plus, it has a high radiopacity to make it visible on x-ray scans.

Natural Elegance Premium Flow Nano Composite contains nanoparticles and a unique combination of photoinitiators to provide total shade predictability and a long-lasting, smooth, high-gloss surface, Rätzke says. It is indicated for use in anterior and posterior restorations.

There are other features clinicians will appreciate as well. Enhanced polymerization means the Premium Flow Nano Composite provides improved mechanical properties. Spheroidal zircon silicate fillers are designed to provide brightness and wear resistance. Also, it is easy to polish and has a high shine longevity. Plus, the bisphenol A–free formula features nonsticky handling. “It is considered an all-rounder for universal use, with great wear resistance,” Gerard Metselaar, Vice President, Corporate Brands for Henry Schein, says.

Rounding out the line are the Natural Elegance Bulk Fill Composites that come in flowable and packable versions. With a depth of cure of 4 mm, they are highly radiopaque and have universal light curing with an exposure of 10 seconds, with minimal shrinkage.

In addition to providing different viscous options for the composites, Henry Schein also upgraded bonding to the latest generation. The Natural Elegance Bonding Agents offer multiple options for customers’ adhesive systems, including Total Etch Bond, Self Etch Bond, or Universal Bond. Metselaar says Universal Bond is suitable for priming zirconia restorations prior to cementation, saving time compared with classical primer and bonding products. All bottles have drop control dispensing for efficient and economical use, he adds.

In addition, the bonding agents have more useful features for clinicians. They are compatible with all resin materials, universally light cured, and stable at room temperature.

Of course, none of these things matter if the bond doesn’t hold. The bond strength (in MPa) for each bonding agent is as follows:



Total Etch Bond

22.7 MPa

20.9 MPa

Self Etch Bond

25.9 MPa

19.5 MPa

Universal Bond

27.5 MPa

22.2 MPa

Addressing Your Pain Points With a Brand Name You Can Trust

One significant benefit of Henry Schein’s Natural Elegance line is that they offer the latest material technology to provide top-quality restorations. There is a focus on ease of use but also highly esthetic results. “We are aiming to simplify restorative procedures, save time, and ensure predictable and beautiful results for happy patients and long-lasting restorations,” Rätzke says.

Inflation affects everyone. Henry Schein recognizes inflation also affects dental practices’ bottom lines. “In the world of…high inflation for many products, the Henry Schein Brand Products provide excellent, quality products for your clinical care at a great value for the practice,” Metselaar explains.

The Power of Brand Is Strong With Henry Schein

Every materials manufacturer has a story, although some tell it better than others. These stories, combined with personal experience and consistent results, create the brand loyalty that dental restorative materials companies dream about: habitual use that has clinicians reaching for the manufacturer’s brand unconsciously and repeatedly.

Moreover, brand loyalty opens doors when another product or service is available. In the behavioral sciences, this phenomenon is called the halo effect. It describes how a brand and its reputation become part and parcel of a brand’s new offering before the consumer even tries it. In other words, brand-loyal customers assume the new product will have the same level of excellence as the brand’s prior offerings.1

Henry Schein has quite a halo in the dental industry. It is one of Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies in 2022 and a Fortune 500 company since 2004. The company’s 90th anniversary was September 13, 2022, and with over $12 billion in annual sales and more than 1 million customers across 32 countries, Henry Schein is a brand dental practices know. With their recent acquisition of Midway Dental Supply, their impact on the dental market will become even more pronounced.

Both Metselaar and Rätzke say Henry Schein is proud to have served the dental community for close to a century. The Natural Elegance line is an extension of that pride and a brand built on consistent and predictable results. “We look forward to continuing to serve for many more years to come,” Metselaar says.


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