5Ws* Quicr Quantum Implant Cementer

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report October 2022, Volume 56, Issue 10

Enhance implant outcomes with this tool for cementing implant parts together with precision, quality, and predictability.


Quicr Quantum Implant Cementer


Quantum Dental Arts




All dental practices and laboratories that work with seating and cementing of crowns and abutments.


For every procedure involving the seating of abutments and crowns by clinicians and/or lab technicians. Whether in the dental office or lab, this implant cementer makes the process quicker and easier to perform.


The Quicr Quantum Implant Cementer is a must-have tool for your dental office or lab because it guarantees correct seating and cementing of crowns and abutments. It works the first time on every use and saves time. The company’s guiding principle is the best care for the patient. The sooner the restoration can be returned, the less impact the temporary has on the situation and the better the patient’s overall experience. This product helps achieve these goals.

The How

The easy steps include taking 2 parts of the Quicr Quantum Implant Cementer and screwing them together until fully seated, followed by placing the titanium base abutment on the newly assembled part. The titanium base abutment and crown are then treated, and cement is mixed and placed on the titanium base abutment. Next, the crown is placed on the titanium base abutment and part C of the system is placed on the assembled part. Screw down onto the crown until crown is held snugly in place. The final step consists of cleaning off excess cement and visually inspecting the seal to verify its completion. You may then simply set it down.