5Ws* Vaniman V6 SE

Dental Lab Products, Dental Lab Products October/November 2021, Volume 43, Issue 05

This multistation dust collector ensures collection of all materials including CAD/CAM.

Information provided by Vaniman


The Vaniman V6 SE multistation dust collector.


Vaniman Manufacturing Co

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Any dental laboratory that needs a multimaterial dust collector.


Designed to collect dental materials at multiple stations or dental mills.


The Vaniman V6 SE multistation dust collector will help maintain a sterile workstation in the laboratory. Utilizing the variety of features that it touts, such as the Long Life Brush Motor, “Air-Pulse” filter maintenance system, and the large dust collection tray can help create clean environments at up to 6 workstations or 4 dental mills.

The How*

The multiple inlet plate options allow multiple suction possibilities for optimal workstation cleanliness. This multistation dust collector can suction a myriad of lab materials, including CAD/CAM, then filter those materials using high-efficiency particulate filtration. The V6 SE can be paired with Vaniman’s Design Center service to help dental laboratories during service or maintenance. The V6 SE also delivers at the lowest per-station cost in the industry, making it a powerful and cost-effective tool for laboratories.