5Ws* Biomic Stain/Glaze

Dental Lab ProductsDental Lab Products October/November 2021
Volume 43
Issue 05

A coloration system designed to add esthetic details to all-ceramic restorations.

Biomic Stain Esthetic
Biomic Stain Gum

What: Biomic™ Stain/Glaze

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Where: On any ceramic restoration in need of enhanced esthetics

When: The stains can be applied after the ceramic restoration has been surface treated.

Why: Designed to be a universal coloration solution, Biomic Stain/Glaze is compatible with all ceramic dental materials including zirconia, glass ceramics, and porcelain. The colors are simple to apply and can be custom mixed to achieve desired viscosities and shades. The materials are available in 3 kits, the Basic set contains the most used stain colors, while the Aesthetic set includes an even wider range of shades. Additionally, the Biomic Gum set includes shades for creating lifelike gingival shading and effects.

The How: The Biomic system is capable of adding efficiency to all-ceramic CAD/CAM workflows by eliminating the need to cut back restorations after milling to allow a technician to add 3D effects via ceramic layering. Instead the system features a set of 2D shades designed for mimicking the colors of natural teeth, as well as additional 3D pastes that contain porcelain powder and are designed for adding esthetic effects and adjusting tooth surface morphology. The materials can add a natural-looking fluorescence to zirconia crowns, and the sintering temperature can be adjusted to achieve different surface brightness effects.

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