5Ws* PartialCAD 3.0 Galway

Dental Lab Products, Dental Lab Products October/November 2021, Volume 43, Issue 05

PartialCAD 3.0 is a new module designed specifically for the design of removable partial denture frameworks.

What: PartialCAD 3.0 Galway


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Where: Any practice providing removable partial denture frameworks.

When: Anytime a dental technician needs a simpler design solution for complex cases

Why: PartialCAD 3.0 Galway is a module for removable partial denture frameworks with advanced features for the design of high-quality partial dentures. It is said to provide experts and new users with smooth, improved integration with exocad’s DentalCAD. PartialCAD 3.0 Galway is available as an add-on module or standalone module and can be accessed by all users with a valid upgrade contract.

*The How: The new module is designed to include accurate fits from attachment-based partial framework designs without needing to scan the attachment itself or the accessory parts; smooth interaction of the crown-and-bridge workflow and partial-framework workflow allows comfortable reverse planning of the whole restoration; integration of partial framework design with DentalCAD enabling the design of multiple separate elements like framework, teeth and gingiva; and reverse planning with exportable teeth and gingiva and the possibility to seamlessly combine secondary telescopic crowns with partial frameworks.