5Ws* Implant Buddy Driver Set

Dental Lab Products, Dental Lab Products October/November 2021, Volume 43, Issue 05

A nearly universal set of implant drivers to simplify working on implant cases.

What: Implant Buddy Dental Implant Driver Kit

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Where: Any implant case.

When: Whenever implant screws need to be adjusted.

Why: With many implant manufacturers using multiple prosthetic connection types with their implants, making sure the correct drivers are always on hand and ready to go can be challenging. Implant Buddy is a kit of color-coded long and short implant drivers that are compatible with 99% of dental implants, such as those from Straumann, Nobel Biocare, Lifecore, BioHorizons, Astra, Zimmer-Biomet, Megagen, Hiossen, Friadent, Ankylos, and more.

The How: Stored in a magnetic base that makes keeping all the kit components together easy, the system features tapered driver tips designed to provide an optimal connection between the screw and driver to reduce the risk of dropping the implant screw. The entire Implant Buddy kit can be sterilized, and the included thumb knob fits directly into torque drivers.