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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report February 2021, Volume 55, Issue 2

This paperless referral management solution makes it easier to follow patient care from specialists and to ensure patients return to your practice for follow-up care.

Compiled by Noah Levine • Information provided by Refera

What: Refera.com

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Where: Any general or specialty practice, or anywhere with access to the internet.

When: Anytime a patient is being referred to a specialist or other care provider, or any time a specialist is receiving a referral from another provider.

Why: Referring patients to specialists and receiving referrals from general practitioners is a part of almost every dental practice, but the process is rarely managed in a traceable, standardized manner. Refera is an online platform that allows practices to refer patients to any other practice, and to receive referrals from other practices via a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)–compliant system that includes attachments and the ability to track referred patients. This helps ensure patients receive prescribed care and that no potential patients slip through the cracks.

*How: The Refera platform allows practices to quickly and easily send patient and case information to referral partners with a system that can be directly integrated into the patient database to auto-complete many of the referral fields. Once a referral has been sent, the system tracks its progress so you know when the patient has scheduled the appointment and when the treatment has been completed. As a centralized platform, Refera creates a single place to manage the patients who must leave your practice for outside treatment. Detailed reporting on referrals is available, and HIPAA-compliant video chat features allow you to use the system for collaborative discussions with clinicians or patients.