5Ws* Midmark Extraoral Imaging System

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report November 2022, Volume 56, Issue 11

This imaging system is designed to build on itself and the dental practice through its 2D panoramic and 3D cephalometric capabilities.

Information provided by Midmark.


Midmark’s Extraoral Imaging System (EOIS), including 2D panoramic and 3D CBCT x-ray devices with cephalometric add-on option.



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Any dental practice.


Anytime clinicians capture diagnostic images during treatment planning.


Easy-to-use software and hardware make EOIS a great addition to the dental practice. With its customizable arrangement, including 2D panoramic or 3D CBCT options, it is designed to take high-quality images. It is easily upgradable for dental practitioners who wish to start with just the 2D pano option, and it expands the practice’s capabilities in ortho, implants, and other specialties.

The How*

EOIS utilizes Midmark’s high-quality radiographic imaging technology to provide clinicians with a clear and concise diagnostic image to inform treatment planning. Its cephalometric extension can expand orthodontic capabilities. Midmark offers clinicians virtual and in-office professional training, downloadable materials, and customer service so that they may feel fully supported as they adopt this imaging technology.