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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report November 2022, Volume 56, Issue 11

Biodentine XP upgrades the restorative and bioactive features of Septodont’s original Biodentine formula for an enhanced dentin restoration system.

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An upgraded dentin restoration system that builds on the original Biodentine® formula utilizing Septodont’s patented highly pure synthetic tri-calcium silicate. The system includes Biodentine cartridges (in 2 volumes), a special mixer for consistent and creamy mixes, and an applicator gun for easy direct placement.


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Biodentine XP can be used for daily practice and is suitable for 9 indications in the crown and root, including pulp capping, deep caries, pulpotomies, temporary enamel restorations, endodontic repair procedures in the root, and even immature teeth.


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Biodentine safely and successfully replaces dentin in the crown and in the root, potentially saving teeth from more invasive procedures like RCT and extraction. The Biodentine XP system is designed to provide dental professionals with a streamlined and consistent process for their vital pulp therapy needs.

The How*

Biodentine XP builds on Septodont’s original Biodentine product line, upgrading its features for an efficient and robust system. It is said to offer high bioactivity, complete dentin bridge formation, and enhanced sealing properties, bolstering vital pulp therapies and saving patients from root canals and extraction. Biodentine XP is delivered through 2 formats—XP 200 and XP 500—that offer the proper volume for each procedure. A starter pack gives clinicians all the components needed, including mixer, applicator gun, and XP 200 and XP 500 cartridges.