5Ws* K2 Mobile Wireless Soft Tissue Diode Laser

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report October 2022, Volume 56, Issue 10

This diode laser for soft tissue procedures features an adjustable fiber length system with the longest fiber optics available.


K2 Mobile Wireless Soft Tissue Diode Laser




Without foot pedals, cords, or wires, the K2 Mobile diode laser is lightweight and portable for use in any operatory.


For soft tissue procedures resulting in minimal bleeding, less swelling, lower chance of infection, and less need for antibiotics or use of topical and injected anesthesia.


The K2 Mobile features the world’s first adjustable fiber length (AFL) system in a diode laser. The patented AFL provides the longest optic fiber available. The aluminum cap, optic fiber, and silicone sleeve are autoclavable, eliminating the need for disposable tips. The K2 Mobile also features an organic light-emitting diode display that automatically flips for left- or right-handed use and includes 22 preset popular procedures with recommended power settings as well as 4 user-definable memory options to load in your favorite emission settings.

*The How:

The K2 Mobile uses a chip-stacking method developed by Hulaser known as HECoSA technology. This helps increase efficiency as well as longevity. Hulaser’s unique heat dissipation design improves user comfort and product longevity. The K2 Mobile’s patented front aluminum cap features a bendable tip, allowing the optic fiber to be aimed at the precise angle for comfortable use during your procedure. The tip can be bent to nearly 90°.