5Ws* IMPRESS3D Digital Valplast

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report May 2022, Volume 56, Issue 5

This solution for the fabrication of flexible removable partials makes the process more efficient for practices and patients

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Digitally designed, 3D-printed
Valplast® partials



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Any dental practice


Patients who may need to replace 1 or multiple teeth and who also need a quicker, potentially more affordable solution than a fixed restoration.


Dentists can provide partially edentulous patients these technology-enabled flexible digital removable partial dentures (DRPDs) that are said to fit the first time. These are designed to simplify practice workflow and reduce chair time from digital scan (or impression) to device fitting in 2 visits or less, lessening appointments and benefiting the patient and the practice.

The How*

Digital design and 3D printing are said to be more precise and lead to a better-fitting appliance. IMPRESS3D uses patent-pending processes to ensure the strongest bond between the teeth and the partial denture. Proprietary software from IMPRESS3D enables dentists to sign up, upload, and submit a case in under 3 minutes and receive a fully finished, high-quality Valplast partial requiring little to no adjustment in less than a week.