Streamline Your Restorations With the Right Matrix System

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report May 2022, Volume 56, Issue 5

This roundup of matrix systems features products designed to restore anatomic proximal contours and contact areas.

As composite restorations grow in popularity and replace amalgam as the material of choice, a reliable matrix system has become more important than ever. Unlike amalgam, the difficulty of condensing composite presents clinicians with a challenge in recreating a tight interproximal contact. When restoring with posterior composites, it can be frustrating and time consuming to have to trim excess composite that has been extruded beyond the preparation margin around an interproximal box.

A good matrix system can save the day, as well as time in your operatory. Your matrix system should deliver these benefits: recreating the natural tooth shape and interproximal contact, sealing the proximal and gingival walls of the prep, and overcoming the thickness of the band you are placing. With that in mind, we bring you 8 products designed to help in your composite restorative techniques.