5Ws* DGSHAPE Cloud

Dental Lab Products, Dental Lab Products June 2022, Volume 44, Issue 3

DGSHAPE Cloud remotely monitors and tracks CAD/CAM production to help dental labs that use Roland DGA’s DGSHAPE milling devices optimize milling workflows.

Information provided by Roland DGA Corporation.


A performance and remote monitoring system for DGSHAPE milling devices DWX-52DCi, DWX-52DC, DWX-52D, and DWX-42W.


Roland DGA Corporation



Any dental lab that uses DGSHAPE’s milling devices.


DGSHAPE Cloud monitors business productivity during CAD/CAM milling operations, providing dental labs with valuable insight through an easy-to-navigate dashboard.


With DGSHAPE Cloud, dental labs can capture productivity data that are useful to know for general improvement and efficiency. It can also track for error activity and offer troubleshooting to optimize milling capabilities in the lab.

The How*

DGSHAPE Cloud digitally monitors DGSHAPE DWX milling operations, using tools, such as a mounted camera, to record and create maintenance graphs to maintain best practices for production. It also features a job list to manage jobs between milling and sintering processes, a material utilization feature to track output, a production graph, and live support. These features combine to create a robust remote monitoring system that is available for a free download.