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Dental Product Insights: The Possibilities of Open Chairside Milling


Lisa Aguirre, dental marketing manager for Roland DGA/DGSHAPE Americas discusses the advantages open-architecture mills bring to dental practices, as well as the materials and applications compatible with the DWX-42W chairside milling solution.

Video Transcript

Welcome, I'm Lisa Aguirre, and I'm the dental marketing manager, Roland, DGA DGSHAPE Americas.

It's no secret that we live in a new and ever changing world today. In this new world, the cost of operating a business is at an all time high, and on top of that our patients demand more for less and all without compromising the quality of their dental care and restorative treatment. Many of you may be familiar with the Roland DGA name as we have a long history as the number 1 trusted and preferred milling solution of the dental laboratory industry. Well now for the first time, Roland DGA has now made the same trusted dgshape DWX milling technology available to clinicians as well as dental laboratory professionals.

The reality is that same day restorative dentistry has come leaps and bounds with the addition of open-architecture solutions like our own DGSHAPE DWX-42W chairside milling solution, versus the old or turnkey closed-architecture solutions of the past. Open-architecture solutions allow users the flexibility and versatility to build an integrated digital workflow that is specific to the individual needs of their business. With that a user can utilize their choice of digital intraoral scanner as well as integrate their choice of software. On top of that, with open-architecture milling solutions, the possibilities are endless with material selections. A clinician can customize and select the newest technology and materials based on not only the patient's esthetic needs, but also their function. That means the newest materials on the market like PerFit FS presintered zirconia can actually be milled on a chairside mill without any requirement for firing, which means no oven. Also, you've got a brand new material coming out Amber Mill Direct the first true lithium disilicate without compromising strength, that as well does not require any firing or any oven time. Beyond that you're going to be able to mill your standard lithium disilicates, your nano composites, your glass ceramics, and you can even make custom titanium abutments with DGSHAPE's AK-1 abutment add on accessory kit.

So what does that mean? It means no more compromise in restoration strength or esthetics with same day chairside restorative dentistry. Another advantage that's often overlooked with same day dentistry is why continue to hassle with the cost and the mess of provisionals. Let me tell you, if you think you and your team are tired of recementing provisionals, well your patients are tired of having them recemented too. The DGSHAPE chairside milling solution makes same day restorative dentistry a reality for your business and your patients. It's as simple as prep, scan, design, and mill. You can prep and seat same day and create the ultimate patient experience with quality, comfort and convenience, all maximizing your production dollars per hour.

DGSHAPE has streamlined chairside dentistry with its chairside milling solution at an affordable price point. The best kept secret in the lab industry is now available to clinicians at just under $30,000. With DGSHAPE chairside milling, you can create lab quality restorations in house, all while increasing your ROI and creating the ultimate patient experience for your patient base.

You may not realize it but your patients pay a whole lot more attention than you think they do to the fixtures and the technology that you have in your office. Wouldn't it be great to hear your patients brag about how cutting edge your office is? Well, you'd be surprised how same-day dentistry can optimize the patient experience overall. Not just with one-appointment crowns, but the idea that you've actually invested in providing them with the very best dental treatment.

We at Roland DGA/DGSHAPE Americas will continue to blaze new trails for both clinicians and in the laboratories as we remain committed to providing quality, reliable, and affordable milling solutions. To learn more about how to transform your practice in a day, please visit dgshapeamericas.com/dentist or scan the QR code. Thank you

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