5Ws* M3 and M3 Max 3D Printers

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Dental Lab Products, Dental Lab Products June 2022, Volume 44, Issue 3

Incorporating the next generation of digital light synthesis (DLS) technology, the M3 and M3 Max help dental labs produce higher-quality parts at greater throughputs.

Information provided by Carbon.


The new M3 and M3 Max printers from Carbon.



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These 3D printers are suitable for dental labs of any size and are designed to be easily installed and easily relocated in the lab.


Anytime a dental lab needs reliable, high-quality digital manufacturing technology.


The M3 and M3 Max 3D printers incorporate next-generation oxygen permeable optics as well as closed loop control of force and temperature during a print, enabling throughput increases up to 2.5 times.

The How*

Because the M3 and M3 Max printers incorporate a new cassette and greater control of temperature, heat generated during a print can be better dissipated, enabling faster printing. In addition, these core new technologies improve the consistency across a print, reducing the cross-build variability by 30%. The M3 Max incorporates a build area over 2 times the size of an M3, and will enable exceptional economics as high-volume dental and orthodontic labs continue to expand their 3D printing production.