5Ws* Ceramill Motion 3

Dental Lab Products, Dental Lab Products June 2022, Volume 44, Issue 3

This new hybrid milling machine combines wet and dry milling for fully automated restorations.


Ceramill® Motion 3


Amann Girrbach
704-837-1404 | amanngirrbach.com


Any dental lab looking to utilize an end-to-end digital workflow.


This hybrid machine combines wet and dry processing in a single unit. The Ceramill Motion 3 allows for fully automated dental arch restorations.


The Ceramill Motion 3 is a 5-axis hybrid milling unit that enables an end-to-end digital workflow. This provides dental labs with a diversity of materials and indications while allowing for laboratory infrastructure management. Its intuitive user interface and guided CAD/CAM production and maintenance allow you to focus on your core business.

*The How

With the connection to the AG.Live platform, you’ll be able to access the Ceramill Motion 3 at any time from any location, allowing you to monitor production and customer service. Its integrated analysis tools are said to make lab business processes even more efficient. The unit’s tools and blank holders are equipped with radio frequency identification technology, simplifying the handling of tools and consumables. The C-Clamp sculpturing technology allows for the fully automated processing of full arch restorations.