5 things you need to know about bulk fill

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2013-03-01, Issue 3

Kerr gives you the lowdown on bulk fill and its SonicFill composite in 5 steps

Kerr gives you the lowdown on bulk fill and its SonicFill composite in 5 steps

01 Bulk-fill composites are the fastest growing dental material category in North America, driven in large part by the rapid adoption of the SonicFill composite system. This product is leading the way in an evolution of posterior composite placement, with benefits for both clinicians and patients.

02 Some bulk fill products, including SonicFill, also can be used for core build-up applications. SonicFill’s excellent adaptation, outstanding handling and high depth-of-cure make it an excellent choice for this procedure, adding even more value to this exciting composite system.

03 If concerns like adaptation, marginal integrity and depth of cure can be adequately addressed, then bulk fill can actually provide better clinical outcomes. In an independent study conducted at SUNY at Buffalo, SonicFill was found to eliminate the voids that occurred during conventional placement. To a lesser degree, other bulk fill products provided improved performance relative to conventional placement in this area.

There are three main concerns with a bulk fill procedure:

  • Good adaptation on the floor of the cavity.

  • Good marginal integrity/low tooth flexure from low polymerization shrinkage and stress.

  • Adequate depth of cure for the size of the increment placed. In addition, the material should have all the typical features of a composite, such as strength, durability, radiopacity and adequate esthetics. To deliver a great clinical result, a bulk-fill composite should be able to meet all of these requirements simultaneously, with a single increment of material. Only SonicFill allows doctors to achieve this, without requiring a flowable liner or capping layer of universal composite.

04 The sonic energy used in the SonicFill system actually does three important jobs. First, it dramatically increases the flowability of the material during placement to ensure excellent adaptation to the cavity prep. Second, it establishes a highly sculptable yet non-sticky consistency immediately afterward to make carving anatomy and establishing margins incredibly easy. Finally, during light curing, it relieves shrinkage stress to ensure high levels of marginal integrity. SonicFill is smart placement.

05 For those areas in which expanded function RDAs can place posterior composites, SonicFill makes both the RDA and dentist more comfortable performing this traditionally challenging procedure. This can result in a dramatic increase in productivity for the office, while still delivering an excellent result for the patient.

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