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Ransomware fallout

August 03, 2020

How can a practice prevent a ransomware attack?

Ask your IT provider these key questions

July 06, 2020

With plenty of distractions today, it’s critical to make sure dental patient records are well protected.

Method Procurement introduces new cloud spend management software

June 23, 2020

Dental procurement software company, Method Procurement, has designed a cloud-based spend management platform created specifically for dentists.

8 common problems to avoid when performing network assessments

January 29, 2020

Dental practices can avoid catastrophic data loss, HIPAA violations by a network failure or breach by taking the proper precautions.

15 self-assessment questions to ask yourself

January 09, 2020

With every new year comes a slew of resolutions and self-reflecting. What better time to evaluate your career objectives, as well?

Reasons I love my dentist

January 09, 2020

We know what patients don’t like about going to the dentist. But what do they LIKE about going to the dentist?

Cancer in a Dental Practice: How to handle a diagnosis on your team

December 10, 2019

Learning of a cancer diagnosis from a colleague can be devestating. Here's what you should know about managing the situation with your team.