Vyne Dental’s New Vyne Trellis Platform Simplifies Insurance Claims Process


The company expands its offering in comprehensive dental billing with new solution designed to enhance practice profitability and patient satisfaction.

Vyne Dental’s New Vyne Trellis Platform Simplifies Insurance Claims Process | Image Credit: © Vyne Dental

Vyne Dental’s New Vyne Trellis Platform Simplifies Insurance Claims Process | Image Credit: © Vyne Dental

Vyne Dental® has expanded its services with the Vyne Trellis® platform to offer innovative tools and strategies to enhance revenue management and streamline financial operations for dental practices.

The revenue cycle acceleration solutions company says Vyne Trellis is engineered to streamline the dental billing process, offering an integrated approach to financial management within dental practices. Accurate and timely billing, coupled with effective revenue cycle management, is said to allow the platform to enable practices to maximize their financial performance while maintaining focus on patient care.

Key features and benefits of the new Vyne Trellis include:

  • Automated Billing Processes—the platform simplifies billing operations by automating routine tasks, reducing manual input, and minimizing errors.
  • Enhanced Revenue Cycle Management—offers tools for efficient tracking, management, and follow-up on outstanding payments and claims, ensuring quicker reimbursement cycles.
  • Integrated Payment Solutions—Vyne Trellis is designed to facilitate seamless patient payment processes, from in- office payments to online billing options; this improves convenience for patients and reduces outstanding receivables for practices, the company says.
  • Comprehensive Reporting—provides detailed financial reporting and analytics, enabling practices to make informed decisions based on their financial data.
  • Streamlined Communication—by delivering enhanced communication between dental practices and insurance companies, it ensures clear and prompt resolution of billing inquiries and disputes.

"Vyne Dental's expansion into dental billing with Vyne Trellis signifies our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that address the diverse needs of dental practices," Steve Roberts, CEO of Vyne, says in a press release. "Our innovative platform not only simplifies insurance claims processing but also offers a holistic approach to managing all financial aspects of dental practice operations."

By implementing Vyne Trellis for their billing needs, practices can expect to see significant improvements in financial workflows, reduced administrative burdens, and enhanced patient satisfaction through more transparent and efficient billing practices, according to Vyne Dental.

"We are thrilled to introduce the capabilities of Vyne Trellis for dental billing to the dental community," adds Mike Storrs, VP of product management at Vyne Dental." This advancement underscores our dedication to delivering solutions that empower dental professionals to achieve excellence in both patient care and practice management."

The company provides end-to-end revenue acceleration by engaging practices, payers and patients via vendor-neutral connectivity, claims and attachment management, and the facilitation of secure communications solutions.

Earlier this year, Vyne Dental—which is part of the Vyne® family that provides healthcare information exchange, revenue cycle management and communications—launched its latest payments platform, the new Vyne Trellis® Payments solution. That platform is designed to simplify the patient payment process by offering a seamless experience via text, email, or at the point of care. The next-generation platform is said to empower dental practices to meet their patients where they are and to ensure quicker payments through online and point-of-care innovations.

Vyne Dental serves more than 800 hospitals and health systems, 84,000 dental offices, and 800 plans and payers across the United States.

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