Yapi Adds Dental Insurance Verification to Yapi Leap


Dental Insurance Verification is now available directly through Yapi Leap, streamlining insurance verification processes and optimizing office efficiency.

Yapi Adds Dental Insurance Verification to Yapi Leap. Image credit: © Yapi

Yapi Adds Dental Insurance Verification to Yapi Leap. Image credit: © Yapi

Software manufacturer Yapi has announced a new Dental Insurance Verification feature for its Yapi Leap platform. This new feature verifies patient insurance eligibility, cutting out the time taken by the clinician or front office staff who would previously have to use an outside source to verify this information. Over 200 insurance providers are verifiable through this new feature, according to a press release from Yapi.

Other features introduced with Insurance Verification are rapid eligibility checks, which provide a single-click solution to verify eligibility; detailed benefits summaries that demonstrate both in-network and out-of-network coverage details like deductibles and other insights; plan usage, to monitor coverage used and coverage remaining per patient/family; and error detection, which can monitor if a policy term is expired or if there are any discrepancies.

The Dental Insurance Verification integrates directly into Yapi Leap and aims to boost revenue and optimize insurance processes in the front office, according to Yapi Chief Revenue Officer Kevin Keller.

“Verifying insurance coverages for patients has always been a dreaded activity for the office staff. Long wait times with carriers, inaccurate coverage results from other tools, lack of broad network coverage of providers, etc., have made these tasks undesirable for our clients,” Keller said in the press release. “With this release, we’ve received tremendous feedback from clients about how quickly the verification is confirmed, in seconds, and the level of detail they received on coverages for that patient’s specific plan.”

This new feature is available now in Yapi Leap. To learn more, visit the website here.

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