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The Best Amusement Parks and Water Parks

Discover the top theme parks and water parks in the U.S. TripAdvisor releases its Travelers' Choice Awards for The World's Best Amusement Parks and Water Parks. Winners include Universal's Islands of Adventure and Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, both located in Orlando, FL. Continue below for's Top 10.

Sarah Handzel, BSN, RN


ADA Provides Assistance to Dentists After Hurricanes

Across the United States, dentists affected by the recent hurricanes are struggling to get back on their feet. Luckily, the ADA is offering grants to those who qualify. Continue below to find out how you can apply or help your fellow practitioners.

Carolyn Colwell


Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater Offers an Architectural 'Symphony'

"This is a symphony, said the Atlanta architect John Portman when he led colleagues on a 2012 visit to Fallingwater. "This whole thing is a symphony. It's like music. You've got note after note after note. You've got high points and low. It's marvelous. It's all been choreographed."

Dr. Michael Abernathy, DDS


15 Milestones You Need to Hit Before Hiring an Associate

Getting the timing right is critical to the successful execution of any business transition; and adding an associate dentist to the staff is not the time to wing it. Here is a list of 15 essential benchmarks to meet before bringing on a new dentist.

Ashley Jorgensen, marketing director,


How Dentists can Take Advantage of USPS Promotional Periods

Marketing by both digital means and print materials can help your practice reach a wider audience and retain that audience. But the price of using the post office has gone up, so here are some ways to keep your print marketing going and your budget down.

Robert M. Pick, DDS, MS, FACD, FICD


Are You Asking for Referrals?

Asking for referrals is so important and one of the best ways to get new patients that pay to stay and then, refer more! It doesn't get any better than that, and here's how you can make it happen.

By Trey Smith, CFP®


How to Protect Your Assets from Litigation

The time to make sure your assets are protected is now, not when a claim has been filed. Typically, moves to shield assets after a claim is filed fail to pass muster with courts.

Julie Saltzman,


Bad Stocks: Calling It Quits

So you have a long-term loser in your IRA account a stock that has missed the big run up of the past few years and is currently trading below your purchase price. Since you can't use trading losses in your IRA as a tax write-off, is it worth it just to "grow old together" and hope the stock improves with age?

Mary Ellen Cagnassola


New Patient Advertising

For practices just starting out or struggling to bring in new patients, though, social media is a powerful tool whose cost is a small fraction of what billboards and print ads cost.

David Walters


Smart Choices Can Lower Your 401(k) fees

Some 401(k) plans-especially those at smaller companies-still stick participants with excessive fees. But employees are not powerless.

DMD Staff


What Are the Differences Between a Traditional IRA and a Roth IRA?

401k, IRA, traditional IRA, Roth IRA, so many retirement options where does one begin? First, make sure you know the difference between a traditional IRA and Roth IRA before considering steering away from the 401k path.

Justin Frankel


When to Negotiate a Lump Sum Settlement from a Disability Insurance Company

Before entering any kind of negotiations with disability insurance company, dentists should consider these important factors.

Anna Gorman, Kaiser Health News


Add This to Challenges of Old Age: Keeping Your Teeth

One in five seniors aged 75 and up hasn't seen a dentist in the past five years. Access barriers, declining cognitive function, and a lack of mobilization around senior oral health are among the problem's causes.

Setu Mazumdar, MD, CFP®


5 Common 401k Rollover Mistakes to Avoid

Put yourself into this hypothetical scenario. You just landed a new job in a dental practice that offers a 401K. Great. But what do you do with your old 401K? Leave it where it is, or roll it over to your new employer? Each move comes with pros and cons. There are, however, common pitfalls that you should avoid.

Shomari Hearn


Is Your Universal Life Insurance Policy about to Crash? What to Do If It Is

Universal life insurance policies used to be popular and looked to be beneficial for policy holders. However, times have changed and many of them are now failing. What should you do if your policy is one of the ones now failing?

Jason Newfield


When to Negotiate a Lump Sum Settlement from a Disability Insurance Company

Before entering any kind of negotiations with disability insurance company, dentists should consider these important factors.

Thomas Walsh


Asset Location, Strategy to Cut Taxes, Is Often Overlooked

New tax law may call for tweaking strategy but probably not big changes.

Dave Gilreath, CFP


Investing in Two Kinds of Buzz: Cannabis and 5G

Investing in cannabis and 5G may seem like two far-flung things that don't belong together in the same portfolio. But the two industries have a surprising connection that makes investing in them a potential reward.

Eric C. Jansen, ChFC


A Practical Approach to Assessing Investment Risk Tolerance

In order to assess your true risk tolerance, take the same approach you do with your patients, one that's based on outcomes.

Benjamin Sullivan, EA, CFP


Moving to a Low-Cost State Can Save a Bundle, But Keep Careful Records

Moving to a new state can save you a lot of money over time. However, high-tax states are often suspicious of such moves, so it's important to keep track of your move-related documents.

Robert M. Pick, D.D.S.


Build Your Dental Business from the Ground, Up

Regardless of the literal structure of your dental practice, you need to picture it as a building with two towers. One tower represents your clinical abilities, the skills you learned all throughout dental school. The other tower represents your business acumen. Which of these towers have you devoted more of your attention to? Odds are, it's the former. To be successful in the dental business, you need to devote time toward expanding your business skills. You can start with this suggested reading list.

Benjamin Sullivan


Five Tips for Preparing Your 2018 Tax Return and Saving On Future Taxes

Seemingly, creating your tax returns continues to only get more complicated and this year is no exception. Here are some tips to guide you through the process, and maybe even save for next year.

Melinda Caliendo


The 10 Most Valuable Sports Franchises in the World

The ads that take over your TV and computer screens when you watch sports are there for a reason -- sports is big business. These 10 franchises rake in the most revenue.

Palmer Price


Death Planning: A Must for Small Business Owners

Death is an inevitable part of life that requires planning ahead. For small business owners, including dentists, that plan is especially imperative. To be sure your wishes are met after death, there are several steps you will need to take. Continue below to find out what you need to do secure your estate.

Jason Newfield, Esq.


Legal vs. Factual Disability: Complications Caused by Disciplinary Action

One hotly contested issue that arises in certain disability cases is when a professional, whether a doctor, dentist, chiropractor, podiatrist, or lawyer, is faced with disciplinary action from the governmental agency charged with overseeing such conduct, and seeks to file a claim for disability benefits. 

Nathan Fisher


How Medical Practices Can Better Prepare Medical Professionals for a Secure Retirement

Medical professionals commit their lives to improving the health and well-being of others and deserve a financially secure retirement.

Josh Mettle, Area Manager, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.


Six Steps to a Flawless Home Purchase: What Dentists Should Understand Before Making an Offer

Dentists can have complex financial situations that makes major purchases like buying a home more difficult. In order to avoid extra complexity, make sure to follow these 6 steps as your home purchasing journey begins.



Set Yourself Up For Financial Success After Graduation

Becoming a dentist or medical doctor requires a significant delay to enter the workforce. Choosing to enter into these professions means that earning potential is delayed until around 30 years old. InvestingDoc knows the path to getting established in your career is fraught with debt and feelings of being entitled to luxuries after working hard in school. Continue below to find out how to move past these feelings and pave the way for financial success.

Michael Rose, CFPA


Have a Household Employee? Be Sure to Follow the Tax Rules

Your babysitter or the person who mows your lawn the IRS might consider them to be household employees. That means you're on the hook to properly report and pay taxes relating to that employee. What follows are the factors the IRS looks at to determine whether someone is considered a household employee and if they are, what you may be responsible for.

Naren Arulrajah


Dental Devices And Technology As a Selling Point

For as much as you invest in your dental tools and products, your patients may not care because they don't understand how your devices work. By helping them understand you can also market your practice as state of the art.

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