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Why eight different dentists chose eight different handpieces

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2014-08-01
Issue 8

In this edition of Category Cruncher, we decided to focus on handpieces because they are vital to the success of many dental procedures.

In this edition of Category Cruncher, we decided to focus on handpieces because they are vital to the success of many dental procedures.

We understand the importance and need to have a powerful, ergonomic handpiece that allows you to do your job efficiently, while producing esthetic results. With that in mind, we set out to help our readers find a handpiece that best fits their hand, their style of  dentistry and their individual preference.

We interviewed eight different dental professionals about eight different handpieces to hear the results they saw while using these products in their daily routines. In these interviews, the dentists explained how these handpieces compared to ones they have previously used, how these handpieces have improved their workflow, and their patients’ responses to the handpieces.

MASTERtorque by KaVo

[ Dr. Paul Feuerstein, DMD ]

I have had the opportunity to use the new KaVo MASTERtorque handpiece, and I would say that it is as good at cutting preps as an electric handpiece running at the same speed. It is much lighter and has a nice balance to it, with the fiberoptic light superior to most other handpieces of both types.

When I first got this handpiece, I really challenged it by prepping six upper anterior teeth. When I was done, my hand was not tired or fatigued. The preps were smooth because there was no wobble at all due to its excellent concentricity. This feature also makes it a breeze to finish composites and get a nice even surface. Overall, the MASTERtorque has done its job and I am impressed.

One big feature I really appreciate about the MASTERtorque is that if it hits a cotton roll (or tissue or cheek), it stops dead in about a second. This feature called “Direct Stop Technology” is quite welcome and an advantage over most air (handpieces) and especially electrics. We’ve all had some minor mishaps and this failsafe action is great.

If you are looking for a new air handpiece or are still on the fence of air versus electric, the investment in the MASTERtorque is a worthwhile step up.

Featured Product: MASTERtorqueTM M9000L High-Speed Air Handpiece

This light weight handpiece offers 20 percent more power for faster preps, industry leading noise level of 57 dB for increased operatory comfort, and better visibility for improved oral access. Additionally, it offers a new, innovative feature called Direct Stop Technology. DST stops the bur less than one second after stepping off the foot control, which leads to increased patient safety and improved handpiece hygiene through virtually zero retraction.

KaVo Dental
888-275-5286| kavousa.com


Ti-Max Z95L by NSK

[ Dr. Rodney Blaney, DMD ]

I began using the NSK Ti-Max Z95L in April of 2013 because I wanted a more powerful handpiece that provided greater consistency. The Ti-Max series offered this along with the benefits of a lightweight body combined with a small head that allowed for less hand and forearm fatigue.

I have four NSK highspeed electric handpieces in my practice, and I love knowing that they will all perform exactly the same. The consistency is really great. The ease of dialing down the adjustable RPM for prep refinement and composite finishing is great with this handpiece. Additionally, this handpiece offers excellent illumination, consistent water spray and it’s quiet.

Due to the increase in use of ceramic crowns, updating patient restorations with ceramic material requires the procedure of removing older PFM crowns. When I would perform this procedure with my best air-driven handpieces, it would require multiple burs and even ruin my handpiece. After implementing the NSK series of electric handpieces into my practice, I did not face ruining my handpiece during crown removal because this handpiece offered such great power. I also noticed that the power and consistency of the Ti-Max Z series allowed me to have faster tooth preparation times.

I would recommend this series of handpieces because of the consistency of performance and the ergonomic feature of the lightweight body. Additionally, this handpiece is great because it reduces ongoing expenses. This handpiece is great for all practitioners because it performs well and is cost effective.

Featured Product: Ti-Max Z95L

This premium, highspeed electric handpiece offers power, consistency, smooth operation and good ergonomics to provide shorter treatment times. Its advantages include the smallest head and neck dimensions in its class and a special diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating on the gears to improve efficiency and lifespan.  The design of this handpiece offers a blend of power and visibility designed to increase productivity.

NSK Dental
888-675-1675 | nskdental.us

430 SWL® by StarDental

[ Dr. Barry Booth, DMD ]

I have been practicing for about 10 years now, and have had the opportunity to use a variety of highspeed handpieces. I was first introduced to StarDental®’s highspeed handpieces when working at a non-profit facility. In April of 2012, I opened my own practice and was in search of a handpiece that would fit my practice’s needs. I attended dental conferences and looked at a variety of handpieces. The features of the SWL impressed me most, and I’ve been using them ever since.

The best benefits of the SWL handpiece are the two fiber optic lights and the small head. It’s hard to see in the mouth, and with these features working is easier. The SWL is great because it offers 360-degree rotation, so you don’t have to worry about constantly untangling the cord. It is also very easy to clean and sterilize because of its smooth surface.

Sometimes handpieces can cause your hand to cramp. The SWL is easy to grip, making it more comfortable. Also, the SWL is really great because I feel confident knowing I don’t have to worry about the handpiece stopping in the middle of a procedure.
Patients appreciate a fast appointment. If you have a handpiece that allows you to work fast and efficiently while not overheating the tooth, you can provide this to patients. The SWL has allowed me to provide optimal care.

I would recommend this handpiece to my colleagues because it is very comfortable, the fiber optics are great and it’s very low maintenance. For the last two years, I have not had any problems with the SWL handpieces, and not one handpiece has required repair. The SWL handpieces have worked great for me, and I am happy to use them.

Featured Product: 430 SWL®

This stainless steel, fiber optic handpiece features extended handpiece turbine life with Ceramic Bearings that are light and reduce friction. The fiber optic glass was designed to withstand rigors of steam sterilization. The 430 SWL® features a small head for improved visability and access. This handpiece also offers a 360 degree Quick-Connect HiFlo Swivel that reduces tubing drag for greater operator comfort.

866-383-4636 | dentalez.com

Statis by SciCan

[ Dr. Paul B. Gabriel, DMD, FICOI ]

I’ve been working with SciCan for a number of years, and their products have always seemed to impress me. When the representative from SciCan approached me about the Statis handpiece, I did not hesitate to check it out. I really liked it and knew that it would be a good investment because SciCan is a great company to work with.

The Statis handpiece just feels good. It is light and balanced well. So, there is not a lot of bogging down when trying to prepare a crown or removing a filling. As far as handpieces go, SciCan’s Statis handpiece is great because of its reliability. Because of the quality of the SciCan’s products, we have not had a lot of down time with these handpieces needing service for not working.

The Statis handpiece has really had a positive effect on our production. With Statis handpieces, I don’t have to worry about as much down time for two reasons: the quick 48-hour turnaround of serviced products and the quality of SciCan’s reliable products. The reliability is definitely the biggest thing, and it’s great because the down time is minimal.

My patients notice the quality of the Statis handpiece. They always say, “that was fast” or “that was really quick.” This has a lot to do with working efficiently and quickly, which is attributed to the quality of SciCan’s handpieces.

It is important to look at the cost and value when purchasing a handpiece. The Statis handpiece delivers a low cost of ownership over time because of its great reliability and low time out when being serviced. Overall, I would recommend the Statis handpiece to my colleagues because of its great reliability and productivity.

I am glad to work with SciCan based on the track record of the Statis handpieces and the other great products I use in my practice. So far, I have had no issues with the handpieces and have had great success. I am eager to continue working with SciCan, and I am going to purchase additional handpieces.

Featured Product: STATIS

This handpiece, ergonomically designed by a world-famous car manufacturer, offers features of low friction bearing for longer life, increased lateral cutting torque and a three-year warranty. This highspeed handpiece has an extremely quiet turbine and improved spray quality. With the smallest head size ever produced by SciCan and shadow-free illumination, there is improved visibility  and accessibility of the preparation site.

SciCan Inc.
800-572-1211 | scicanusa.com

MidWest® StylusTM ATC by Dentsply Professional

[ Dr. Stephen Poss, DDS ]

I started using the Stylus ATC about four years ago because I saw that it offered many benefits. With this handpiece you have the best of both worlds. The ATC offers the torque of an electric handpiece and the handling of an air-driven handpiece, which is great.

The Stylus ATC allowed me to prepare the tooth in a quieter and smoother manner, making it more comfortable for my patients. It was also much quicker at cutting off old crowns and removing amalgams.

It was kind of funny when I implemented the ATC into my practice. At the time, I had the ATC in only one of my operatories and traditional handpieces in the other two operatories. When I would use the ATC on one of my patients and then go to one of the other operatories, I kept complaining that my traditional air-driven handpieces were not working properly!

These traditional handpieces did not offer me as much power or torque. After a few times of feeling like my traditional handpieces weren’t working properly, it hit me that there was nothing wrong with them. I had just become accustomed to the torque and power the ATC exhibited over the traditional air-drive handpieces. This revelation made me realize that these features of torque and power made the ATC handpiece the perfect fit for me.

I would recommend the ATC handpiece to any of my colleagues because there is an amazing difference between it and the traditional air-driven handpiece. The ATC is a very durable handpiece and it is much more ergonomic and quieter than electric handpieces. I have had the Stylus in all of my operatories for the last three years, and I really love it.

Featured Product: Midwest® StylusTM ATC

This highspeed air-driven handpiece has offers two breakthrough technologies-Speed-Sensing Intelligence and Superior Turbine Suspension-that allow you to glide through material quickly, precisely and virtually without effort. This handpiece combines the additional benefit of being light weight with its ergonomic design that includes swivel abilities. It comes in two head sizes (mini and medium), so it fits your needs while still offering power and efficiency.

DENTSPLY Professional
800-989-8825 | stylusatc.com

MX2 Micro-series by Bien-Air

[ Dr. Howard S. Glazer, DDS, FAGD ]

There are many, many advantages to the Bien-Air handpiece: efficiency of cutting with high torque; no skip or chatter, which equals a smoother cut; ergonomic balance for both male and especially female hands; quieter than conventional air-driven handpiece; lifetime lubrication; good warranty. To sum up: it is faster, easier and better for both the doctor and most importantly, the patient!

When I implemented the handpiece into my practice, I immediately noticed it was a time saver since it reduced the amount of time needed to prepare teeth for crown and bridge procedures. There was no loss of accuracy of my cuts and it was much smoother to use.
Patients did comment on it being quieter and less vibration than my air-driven handpieces.

When compared to other handpieces I have used, I love this one because I can digital dial this one, and the motor does everything. I can do all of my procedures and hygiene cleanings with one electrical system, which is great.

I would recommend this handpiece to anyone without any reservation! I often tell my colleagues that they can visit my office and take anything they want, but don’t touch my electric handpiece! It is faster and cuts smoother, so you can accelerate your time. It is also better for the patient because there is less vibration. Bien-Air is a great company to work with because they stand behind their products.

Featured Product: MX2 Micro-Series

This series of ergonomic handpieces offers precision, reliability and quiet operation. These handpieces feature a Soft Push push-button for easy bur release, DuaLook dual glass rod lighting and three Accu-Spray separate air/water sprays. Bien-Air contra-angles offers a new shaft and gear system that is mounted on pre-stressed ball bearings. These features allows for vibration-free transmission, reduced energy loss, oustanding smoothness and improved sensitivity.

Bien-Air USA
800-433-2436 | bienair.com

ForzaTM F5 by Brasseler USA

[Dr. Mark Friedman, DDS ]

The Forza F5 is extremely powerful and extremely quiet, which are the best benefits for both the practitioner and the patient. This increased performance offers a dramatic decrease in chair time, which translates to comfort and economics. It also has a comfortable fit and finish that makes it feel powerful in your hand.

Another great feature is the additional waterport and great water flow that caused a dramatic decrease in tooth preparation time when this handpiece was implemented into my practice. The engineered angle of the water hitting precisely at the tip keeps the instrument fully irrigated and creates a cool cutting surface, which makes the instrument work more efficiently causing less risk to the patient’s pulpal health.

These handpieces are extremely reliable and durable. They always look new because of the durable titanium finish, even after multiple autoclave cycles. The esthetics of these handpieces allow our patients to see modern, well-engineered instruments that don’t look like they have inadequately cleaned.

Dental handpieces are really the workhorses for restorative dentists. When a dentist selects a handpiece, it is like a chef looking for the right set of knives. Brasseler handpieces are my set of knives, and I would recommend them to any of my colleagues because they have a good cost to quality ratio. I am a loyal Brasseler customer because I do not know of any handpiece that performs better and is more reliable than Brasseler.

Editor’s Note: Dr. Friedman has been a consultant for Brasseler USA, and has received compensation for his services.

Featured Product: ForzaTM F5

The Forza F5 handpeice is a 1:5 speed increasing electrical attachment. It is lightweight and comes in a solid titanium body. With this handpiece, practitioners can achieves speeds of 200,000 rpm when placed on most electrical dental motors. It features ceramic ball bearing, a four-port water spray and fiber optic abilities.

Brasseler USA
800-841-4522 | brasselerusadental.com

The Illuminator by TEK USA

[ Dr. Gabor Bodnar, DMD, PA ]

I became acquainted with TEK USA around two years ago. I was impressed with the idea of a self-contained generator in the handpiece to power the LED, but I was heavily invested in a fiber-optic system and never thought I would change. The rep left the handpiece with me for the day and let the handpiece sell itself. I was hooked and needless to say, the next day I did not give it back. It just seemed to be such an easy system; you simply connect to your conventional dental unit and start to work.

I was very impressed with the brightness of the light, its smooth running, low noise and high torque performance. But mostly, I liked the ease of just connecting the system without any fiber-optics. Of the 4-hole fixed back end and the quick connector KaVo®-style model, I prefer the quick connector. It fits directly with my existing system and I like the ease of connection and the freeness of tubing rotation. It also has an anti-retraction head and a water flow ring that lets you control the level of spray.

I like that I can connect the TEK USA self-illuminating handpiece on my light weight non fiber-optic tubing and go to work, and not worry about breaking the glass fibers or wires in my tubing. The big difference is the white, brighter light, and much wider light pattern. I can honestly say that my more expensive handpieces cut as well as the TEK USA, but the overall features and the technology of the new handpiece has earned my respect and has become my highspeed of choice.

Once I implemented the TEK USA handpiece into my practice, I noticed patients were not as alarmed while the handpiece was in operation when compared to the typical noise level of my other handpieces. The patients approve of our TEK USA handpiece because of the lower noise level, cooler LED light lens and the lesser amount of vibration from the bur on the tooth.

This is a product that makes dentistry a little more enjoyable because of its simplicity and technology.  I believe all dentists should give this product a strong consideration.

Featured Product: The ILLUMINATOR

This self-illuminating highspeed handpiece contains an integrated dynamo (termed E-generator), which is driven pneumatically by the flow of air as it moves into the handpiece head. This handpiece features an anti-retraction head with a water coolant spray. It also has a press button chuck for easy bur change. This ergonomic handpiece is autoclavable and has ceramic ball bearings.

954-941-6970 | tekusaproducts.com

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