I Use That: Sesame Communications and Healthgrades

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2014-08-01, Issue 8

In this installment of “I Use That,” we asked Dr. Gary Yanowitz and his office manager, Maria Scheer, about their use of Sesame Communications and Healthgrades.

In this installment of “I Use That,” we asked Dr. Gary Yanowitz and his office manager, Maria Scheer, about their use of Sesame Communications and Healthgrades.

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With an ever-growing practice in Pembroke Pines, Fla., Dr. Yanowitz and Maria believe these online communication products have changed the way they approach dentistry.

What Dr. Yanowitz says about Sesame Communications and Healthgrades

I was looking for a new communications company and came across Sesame. I was immediately impressed and began using them for my website, Internet marketing, patient reminders and patient login system. I have been continually impressed by the success of Sesame in my practice. A few months ago, we added Healthgrades and received a very positive response. It’s really been another piece of the puzzle for improving my dental practice.

In the old days, the Yellow Pages were a great way to advertise your practice. Now, it’s all about your practice’s information being seen on the Internet.

Sesame helps us to get reviews by sending post-appointment surveys to my patients and automatically posting them to my Healthgrades profile. I love the ability to read patient reviews because it allows me to see what my practice is doing right and where we can improve. So far, there has been a very positive response.

Performance reports help me see that Healthgrades really works. From last month’s report, I could see that I had 21 calls because of my Healthgrades website listing. Investing in Sesame and Healthgrades has been a great thing for my practice.

Click here to see what the office manager, Maria Scheer, thought about these online communication products.

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What the office manager, Maria Scheer, says about Sesame Communications and Healthgrades

Using Sesame and Healthgrades has given our practice great results. When someone is interested in our practice, I receive their profile. They have always been very warm and receptive when we call to introduce ourselves because they made the initial communication with us through Healthgrades.

Because of the success we’ve had with this new program, we have added extra hours to accommodate these new patients.  

What is Sesame Communications’ partnership with Healthgrades?

The strategic partnership that Sesame Communications has with Healthgrades will let dental practitioners access millions of prospective patients.

The partnership provides Healthgrades Enhanced Profile services to dental providers utilizing Dental Sesame or Ortho Sesame, allowing them to take advantage of online appointment requests, preferred profile placement on local searches and quantitative patient reviews on Healthgrades.com.

“New patient acquisition has long been regarded as a core component of building and maintaining a successful practice within dentistry,” said Diana P. Friedman, Chief Executive Officer of Sesame Communications. “Healthgrades Enhanced Profile service, integrated with Sesame services, provides dental professionals with unparalleled access to new patients who are searching for and making appointments with dental providers. We are excited to be working with Healthgrades!”

“Our new relationship with Sesame Communications is consistent with our longstanding commitment to make healthcare more transparent and give consumers the information they need to make more informed decisions about their healthcare providers,” said Andrea Pearson, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Products at Healthgrades.

Featured Product

Healthgrades Enhanced Profiles

The Healthgrades Enhanced Profile from Sesame offers your practice preferred placement and unparalleled access to more than 20 million searches from prospective patients looking to make an appointment with a new dental care provider in your local area.  Healthgrades visitors don’t just search, they schedule appointments.