Why Dr. Steven Koos chooses surgical instruments, infection control products from Hu-Friedy

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Dr. Steven Koos, DDS, MD, tells us why he chooses Hu-Friedy dental products based on the brand's craftsmanship, precision and innovation.

Dr. Steven Koos, DDS, MD, tells us why he chooses Hu-Friedy dental products based on the brand's craftsmanship, precision and innovation.


Q: Tell us about your unique practice set-up.

SK: I am a dual-degree oral and maxillofacial surgeon who has built the first fully green surgical facility in the nation, ORA Oral Surgery & Implant Studio. I am also part of the first multi-office, green group dental practice and we have even officially defined and registered trademarked the term Eco-Friendly Dentistry®.

Q: Hu-Friedy is known for its instrumentation, but offers so much more. How have you incorporated the various components of the Hu-Friedy catalog into your practice?

SK: My partners and I utilize many systems and items throughout the Hu-Friedy line-up. For instance, we have incorporated their IMS instrument processing and infection control products, Piezo Power Scaling units, as well as their full line of surgical and dental instrumentation. All have proven well worth the investment for their superior quality.

Q: How did using Hu-Friedy in your surgical residency impact your decision to make it a go-to brand in your practice?

SK: At that time I had the opportunity to utilize many different brands and Hu-Friedy’s craftsmanship, precision, innovation and overall feel caught my attention, so much so, that I knew that I was going to incorporate their instruments into my private practice years later.

Q: Your practice and Hu-Friedy HQ are both in Chicago. Has the local connection offered any additional insight into the company?

SK: Their close proximity allowed me to bring my whole surgical team to the facility. This gave us the opportunity to gain an in-depth appreciation of the intensity of effort that goes into making each and every instrument we use, and for us to personally meet the individuals who craft them.

Q: As the first “green” oral surgery practice, you’ve paid closer attention than most to Hu-Friedy’s efforts to be socially responsible. How are they doing?

SK: As a certified Corporate Social Responsibility Practitioner (CSR-P), I am acutely aware of how Hu-Friedy has been actually leading the way with supporting Eco-Friendly Dentsitry® with all of their sustainability efforts and applaud their initiatives. One example is their Environdent program, the first of its kind in the industry, directly helps and rewards doctors for participating.

Q: Why is using the highest quality instruments and products important to you?
SK: First, because this is what my patients deserve. Second, incorporating products, biologic materials and companies that partake in rigorous R&D and the highest quality control, ensures the best and most predictable outcome for my surgical cases.


Slim Orthodontic Collection
This complete line of slim orthodontic instruments allows practitioners to deliver the ultimate in patient care, with eight instruments whose working ends are, on average, 10%-50% more slim than their original designs. The collection includes cutters, pliers, tweezers and a distal cinch back hand instrument, all featuring a slimmer working end.

Pedo Crowns
The Pedo Crowns product offering includes a complete introductory kit as well as a full line of individually sized, stainless steel primary molar crowns, available in 48 sizes and packaged in convenient refill boxes.



Hand Essentials™
A complete line of premium hand care products, including moisturizers, soaps and sanitizers which provide dental professionals with medical grade products for hygiene and help with infection control program compliance.

Perma Sharp® Sutures
Perma Sharp® Sutures are made with 300 Series Stainless Steel the ideal alloy for dental suture needles. This strong alloy composition provides exceptional ductile strength reducing the risk of breakage and ensures a sharp needle that is dependable pass after pass. These sutures require up to 20% less force to penetrate tissue, and feature a laser-drilled design to reduce tissue disruption.


Resin 8 Colors

Resin 8 Colors line of scalers and curettes gives clinicians the color resin handle they want, without sacrificing a quality working end. With EverEdge® technology, a proprietary stainless steel alloy, your instrument will stay sharper longer so you can spend less time sharpening. Available in 80 of Hu-Friedy’s popular styles, the Resin 8 Colors handles correspond to anatomical areas of the mouth in this convenient color-coding system.



Environdent offers free and environmentally responsible disposal of your old instruments – regardless of brand – and rewards you with new Hu-Friedy instruments that help you perform at your best. It’s easy: for any 12 instruments you recycle, you receive 1 Hu-Friedy instrument, absolutely free.

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