Align Technology Inc. highlights Invisalign, iTero Digital Impression System

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Align Technology Inc. Q: Tell us about your practice and the community you serve. PA: I’ve been in practice a little over 13 years and serve a community of 35,000 with multiple dentists in the area. Our office participates in community events and is always at the forefront of modern technology for our patients.

Align TechnologyInc.

Q: Tell us about your practice and the community you serve.

PA: I’ve been in practice a little over 13 years and serve a community of 35,000 with multiple dentists in the area. Our office participates in community events and is always at the forefront of modern technology for our patients.

Q: When did you first hear about Invisalign? What prompted you to offer it as a solution in your practice?

PA: We had a patient who actually wanted the treatment since he could not have wire and brackets due to his job as a fire fighter. When we referred him to the local orthodontist, he was told, “Invisalign would not work.” So, the patient returned to our office asking for the Invisalign treatment.

I’m proud to say that was six years ago and this patient’s treatment case has been showcased multiple times in the dental conventions as a great result and treatment with Invisalign.

Q: What have been the results, not just clinically, but in terms of patient loyalty and overall ROI for the practice?

PA: In our practice we have noticed that almost 90% of our patients treated with Invisalign keep their hygiene appointment, and almost 75% of patients talked to others about their treatment, adding to the office production and revenue.

From 2007 to June of 2012, Invisalign has consistently added over 18% to our office bottom line.

This translates into additional $250,000 annually.

Q: Were you already an Invisalign customer when Align Technology acquired iTero?

PA: Yes. We bought the iTero as soon as it was a part of Align and knew this was an investment in our office’s future.

Q: What prompted you to make the jump and become an iTero user?

PA: We wanted to be able to offer something more than just a lower treatment fee. So we implemented what we called a “no gag policy” in our office and, instead, offered a free trial to our patients to experience digital dentistry first hand-not just for Invisalign cases, but also our restorative patients. Now our patients tell their friends and our office is recognized in our community as the place for up-to-date dental procedures  and teeth straightening.  

Q: Has the intraoral scanner changed your clinical process?

PA: Yes, most definitely! We have cut down to a chair time scan of full mouth upper, lower and bite to 8 minutes. Our crown delivery time has become a lot more efficient as well, reducing our remake and fit issues.  

Q: How do you communicate your technological advantage to patients?

PA: We have a lobby DVD that helps explain the process. We also implemented a digital scan as part of our new patient procedure. That way, we can evaluate the occlusion and clinical wear up front.

Q: What would you say to your colleagues who are hesitant about incorporating intraoral scanners into their workflow?

PA: It is inevitable. Just like having digital x-rays, an intraoral scanner will be here to stay, so you may as well be the first in your community to take advantage.

Q: How has Align supported you as an Invisalign and iTero user?

PA: I love the free Invisalign Scans, which help build my practice by introducing technology to my patients. I love the immediate ClinCheck feature, which helps me get patients in aligners faster than PVS impressions allow. Most importantly, I love the fact that I have better control of my cases and the ability to better evaluate clinical situations.

Watch a DPR Exclusive Video Interview with Align Technology



Invisalign® Full
Align Technology’s foundation treatment option-a series of removable, virtually invisible aligners that are custom-created utilizing leading-edge computer technology. Designed for maximum flexibility it is used to treat a wide range of malocclusion, while offering patients a comfortable, easy-to-use product.

Invisalign Assist®
Designed to help achieve patient results for anterior alignment and esthetically-oriented cases by offering added support throughout the treatment process, Invisalign Assist’s features include: the unique Progress Tracking tool that identifies teeth not moving according to plan and adjusts treatment accordingly; Detailed Appointment Plans customized for each patient and every appointment; Compliance Indicators that track the patient’s approximate wear time with dots that fade from blue to clear.

Invisalign® Express 10
Operating on the same principles as Invisalign Full, Invisalign Express provides a shorter-duration treatment option of 10 stages of aligners or less that can be used as a precursor to restorative treatment or for minor crowding/spacing cases, including orthodontic relapse.

Invisalign® Express 5
Treat patients with minor orthodontic issues, such as very mild spacing, crowding and orthodontic relapse. Invisalign Express 5 offers the same high-quality Invisalign features you expect at a price patients will accept.

Invisalign® Teen
The only clear orthodontic aligner therapy designed to address the unique concerns of treating non-adult comprehensive patients.

iTero Digital Impression System
Not only does iTero have exclusive Invisalign interoperability, but  iTero’s easy to use, powder-free scanners greatly improve the accuracy of restorations. Powered by a breakthrough technology in imaging, iTero delivers exceptional image accuracy. As a result, seating appointments are 22% shorter and restorations fit properly 99.5% of the time, virtually eliminating remakes. iTero systems are flexible and allow doctors to continue working with any dental laboratory.

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