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DenMat revitalizes key brands and systems with eye toward quality, customer service

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2012-08-01
Issue 8

DenMat Q: There have been a lot of interesting transitions at DenMat just over the last year – new people, new products. What can you tell us about the new DenMat’s direction and vision moving forward?


Q: There have been a lot of interesting transitions at DenMat just over the last year – new people, new products. What can you tell us about the new DenMat’s direction and vision moving forward?

RC: DenMat is now completely customer centric and customer focused. Beyond the products or new management team, first and foremost is creating an unparalleled customer experience; our goal is to become the Nordstrom of the dental industry.

In terms of our strategic direction, there are two main parts of our business to consider: the laboratory side and the product side.

On the lab side, we’re in the middle of redefining the LUMINEERS brand and making that a platform that will accommodate no-prep cases, minimal-prep cases or full-prep cases – whatever is required in order to deliver beautiful, long lasting results with minimal to no tooth reduction where applicable. Our lab will utilize a variety of different materials-not just DenMat’s proprietary Cerinate-to deliver a beautiful, long-lasting result. Just a few years ago, LUMINEERS was all about no-prep and Cerinate. Now, LUMINEERS is no-prep, min-prep, full-prep with the best material for the job. That is a customer focused, patient focused shift.

Also on the lab side, Snap-On Smile is undergoing a transformation. Traditionally, it’s been positioned as an esthetic alternative to veneers, but it is so much more than that. It is a clinical alternative for long-term provisionalizaiton in a variety of clinical applications. It isn’t just something you get before a job interview, wedding or class reunion to make your teeth look nicer. It is a clinical solution for a number of different applications

Q: What does this evolution in service look like for current DenMat customers?

RC: Customers are already starting to notice a huge difference in the way we interact with one another. Since taking over the reins of the company, we’ve tried to modify and improve every single customer touch point. For example, we’ve completely changed our terms and condition of sales, our warranty policy, and our return policy, all redesigned to reflect what we would want to have if we, ourselves were customers. We’ve updated billing statements and invoices, as well.

In mid July we introduced our new e-commerce store - something we’ve never had. The e-commerce architecture is similar to that used by Bloomingdales and Gap, just very intuitive. We think customers are going to respond really well.

Q: For those who are not current DenMat customers, how do you plan to earn their business?

RC: It starts with telling our story because there is so much at DenMat that people don’t know about. We have incredible technology and unbelievable design for ceramic and non-ceramic restorations. No other company in the world has design technology that enables a lab technician to digitally design a 0.3 mm veneer in a matter of minutes; that technology is unique to DenMat. That type of distinction is what is going to set us apart from other companies in the dental laboratory space.

Q: I want to talk about one of your newer products, Duo:PCH. Is it a pre-fabricated porcelain veneer?

RC: It is not a pre-fabricated veneer, but rather, a porcelain composite hybrid system. A pre-made veneer is not useful to a dentist who needs to fit it to a tooth, teeth come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It would be impossible to come up with a pre-fabricated restoration that can be quickly applied to a tooth surface since you need an appropriate composite interface. This is a porcelain composite hybrid system that has a laminate with a composite interface-porcelain delivers the look and feel of natural teeth but with the adaptability and flexibility of a composite. It is the best of both worlds. This isn’t intended to be a replacement for customized permanent veneers, but rather, an alternative esthetic solution for patients who can’t afford permanent customized veneers.

Q: Tell me about the LUMINEERS Smile Discovery Program. Is this lead generation for dentists?

RC: DenMat is one of the few companies in dentistry that is actually driving patients into dental offices. We spend millions of dollars a year in consumer advertising, online and on TV to drive patients to offices. Only a few other companies do that – 1-800-Dentist and Invisalign. We will spend 20% more on consumer advertising this year versus last year. As a natural outgrowth of that commitment, LSDP is a unique process where we funnel leads for veneers from consumer advertising to dentists who subscribe to the program. It is not just the delivery of a potential LUMINEERS case, but also the delivery of a brand new patient who represents a sibling, spouse, parent and a whole network of potential referrals.

As a value add, the LUMIsmile program is given to LSDP subscribers free of charge. This is a simulation technology we have that allows a dentist to take a picture of potential patient, upload to our portal, we simulate what the smile will look like following treatment, and we deliver that image back to the dentist within minutes. Other benefits to LSDP members include access to free samples of other products from DenMat as well as free access to CE courses.

Q: Of course, any good company is constantly evolving. How does the new management team, with so much experience under your collective belts facilitate that process?

RC: DenMat has been around for almost 40 years. During that 40-year period, the company has gone through different phases, from entirely dental materials at its inception, to the Rembrandt brand and premium oral care in the ‘90s, then no-prep veneers in the 2000’s. Today and in the future, we want to be known as a quality esthetic laboratory and a broad based manufacturer and supplier of dental materials and small equipment.

To execute on this vision, we’ve assembled a management team with decades of experience delivering quality products in the U.S. market and abroad. We’re not just business guys, we’re dental guys-this is what we do. We approach everything from a dental practice perspective and we ask ourselves: How is this going to fit within the dental practice? The dentist’s schedule? The clinical procedure? We think we understand the trials and tribulations of running a dental practice. It is that empathy that will allow us to build a better relationship with our customers.


Snap-On Smile® is the provisional solution that’s esthetic, simple to place and versatile. Indications include: Opening and restoring vertical dimension, removable partial denture, implant provisional, and esthetic smile enhancement. Available in a variety of shades, Snap-On Smile® can be fabricated as thin as 0.5 mm. It’s completely tooth-borne, with no adhesives required.


LUMINEERS® is all about clinically superior outcomes and transformational smiles, all with minimal tooth reduction.

• MINIMALLY INVASIVE: Technology allows for restorations as thin as 0.3 mm, requiring very little tooth reduction.

• BEAUTIFUL: Achieves 176% greater translucency than lithium disilicate for a more natural, more esthetic smile.

• STRONG: Not only beautiful, they’re the strongest leucite-reinforced ceramic veneers on the market.


Not every patient can afford veneers. Until now, there hasn’t been a more affordable solution that you can stand behind clinically. Duo:PCH™ changes that. Porcelain Composite Hybrid is an entirely new esthetics category, combining the convenience of a composite build-up with the finishing beauty of porcelain. You’ll create beautiful, long-lasting and stain-resistant porcelain finishes. Now, Duo:PCH gives more patients than ever a chance at a beautiful new smile.

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