The VITA VACUMAT 6000 M now available in special edition black color [VIDEO], Issue 3

VITA’s VACUMAT 6000 M is now available in a special, limited edition: custom black.

VITA’s VACUMAT 6000 M is now available in a special, limited edition: custom black.

The new color design includes a special edition package that offers $2200 in savings with free accessories and an upgrade to vPad excellence. The package includes platinum pins, firing tray, a set of metal cooling trays, magnetic side panels, vPad touchpen and an upgrade to the vPad excellence control unit for the price of the vPad comfort.

The VITA VACUMAT 6000 M allows you to customize your experience and select only the features you want. The vPad excellence has 1000 programs and the ability to control up to four furnaces from one single control unit. The furnace’s flexibility enables the user to purchase only the modules they require initially, then add further components, such as furnaces, control units or accessories as needed. The system is designed to provide users with the ability to assemble the most optimal firing system for their specific needs, with a clear cost advantage compared with conventional furnaces.

The new VITA VACUMAT 6000 M is a microprocessor-controlled, fully automatic furnace used to fire all types of veneering and crystallization ceramics. The unit features a modern, compact and ergonomic design and just like its predecessors, requires considerably less bench space in comparison to conventional ceramic furnaces.

The firing system includes numerous monitoring and safety functions, such as automatic temperature adjustment before the start of each program, power failure protection and controlled fast cooling. These features are said to result in consistent firing accuracy while simultaneously saving time for the user. The current operation status is always apparent thanks to an LED light bar visible from a distance. In addition, each of the VITA VACUMAT 6000 M firing units can be individualized with different color side panels. Some can also serve as a notepad.

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