Two new mills join DATRON's D5 Dental Mill family

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DATRON Dynamics, representative of DATRON AG in Germany, has introduced two new products in the same family as their D5 Dental Mill.

DATRON Dynamics, representative of DATRON AG in Germany, has introduced two new products in the same family as their D5 Dental Mill.

According to DATRON, the D5 Entry and the D5LS have been added to the lineup in order to offer a scalable solution that meets the needs of a wider range of dental labs. All three machines in the DATRON line allow for the milling of zirconia and other soft materials, as well as harder materials like chrome cobalt and titanium.

For labs that want to mill metal and have low-to-moderate production levels, DATRON now offers the D5 Entry model with a manual (puck) changer. This model costs approximately $50,000 less than the D5 Standard, which includes 8-puck automation for labs that have moderate-to-high production volumes and want up to 100 hours of unattended operation. “The D5 Entry is ideal for labs that want to mill their own titanium implant parts, but don’t require automatic puck changes,” said Robert Murphy, Vice President, noting that it can be upgraded to include automation if the lab’s needs change in the future.

For labs that demand a higher level of precision than the ± 10 microns offered by the D5 Entry and Standard models, the D5 LS is equipped with Heidenhain linear scales which result in the highest positioning accuracy. The D5 LS also provides increased thermal stability, which reportedly helps to yield a consistent quality even when there are significant fluctuations in room temperature or temperature increases caused by extended uninterrupted milling. This results in a repeatability of < 2 microns and an absolute accuracy of ± 5 microns.

The original D5 Standard 5-axis dental mill was introduced in 2010 to critical acclaim that earned a prestigious RedDot Design Award for Best Industrial Design. The machine’s rigid cast steel construction houses an integrated 8-piece handling system that automatically loads and unloads blanks for up to 100 hours of unattended operation. The D5 also features a user-friendly touch-screen Apple iPad to control all machine functions.

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