Top 5 Upgraded and Updated Dental Products of 2012

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Updating a product isn’t easy. There is customer feedback to consider, as well as how best to use those comments while maintaining the properties that made that product successful. This list recognizes some of the products that were able to do just that in 2012.

Updating a product isn’t easy. There is customer feedback to consider, as well as how best to use those comments while maintaining the properties that made that product successful. This list recognizes some of the products that were able to do just that in 2012.


Zoom WhiteSpeed

The Original: Zoom! in-office whitening is a popular whitening brand that is known for achieving fast results. Zoom! technology was last updated in 2006.

The Update: The Zoom WhiteSpeed Light-Activated Whitening System features intensity settings that allow dentists to make adjustments for patients who may experience sensitivity during the whitening process. The system’s new light features advanced LED whitening technology and reportedly whitens teeth up to 8 shades in 45 minutes. Using blue LED technology that emits the optimal light spectrum, Zoom WhiteSpeed is said to accelerate and enhance whitening results with no compromise to safety. This technology provides a longer-lasting light source (50,000 hours) and uses 41 percent less energy than previous models. Zoom WhiteSpeed also offers an updated design and improved ergonomics with a new power cord wrap, knots, counterweight and larger casters.

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Patterson Dental

CAESY Cloud 1.2

The Original: CAESY Cloud is an online patient education portal that gives users access to CAESY Patient Education multimedia presentations via the Cloud.

The Update: CAESY Cloud 1.2 now gives practices the ability to embed CAESY presentations within their websites and offers a number of new and updated presentations to increase case acceptance and enhance practice offerings.
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Pelton & Crane

Helios 1800

The Original: The Helios 3000 LED Operatory Light provides a precisely calibrated 3”x 6” light pattern, features a no-cure composite setting, push-button 5,000K and 4,200K settings, multiple intensity options, precise shade matching capabilities, enhanced ergonomics and almost no radiant heat emission.

The Update: As the latest addition to the Helios family, the Helios 1800 LED Operatory Light features a precise 3”x 6” light pattern, enhanced lifespan and maximum energy efficiency. The Helios 1800 provides a color temperature similar to bright daylight (~5000° Kelvin), and consistent illumination. Cool operation eliminates the risk of uncomfortable ambient heat, and reflective technology minimizes shadows.

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Align Technology

Invisalign G4

The Original: Invisalign G3 features Precision Cuts designed to make it easier to treat Class II and III patients, as well as SmartForce® attachment and aligner features designed to increase predictability of certain tooth movements.

The Update: New and improved SmartForce features in Invisalign G4 are engineered to help doctors achieve even better clinical results for open bite treatments, more predictable movement of upper laterals, and improved root control for canines and central incisors. Invisalign G4 expands on the Invisalign G3 foundation that first introduced new aligner and software features that make it easier to use Invisalign when treating Class I and Class II patients. Optimized Extrusion Attachments for anterior teeth have been improved to better deliver the force needed for best results, and Optimized Attachments introduced with Invisalign G3 can now be used in conjunction with Precision Cuts, where applicable, when treating Class II and Class III patients.

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Garrison Dental Solutions

Composi-Tight 3D Clear

The Original: The Composi-Tight 3D Sectional Matrix System features the Soft Face 3D ring. The ring has contoured soft silicone faces that mold sectional matrix bands to teeth, resulting in an improved anatomical shape without buccal or lingual flash when performing Class II posterior composite restorations.

The Update: The Composi-Tight 3D Clear system combines transparent and translucent materials to allow for trans-enamel polymerization. Clinicians can apply their curing light from both the buccal and lingual surfaces without interference from metal matrix bands and opaque separator rings. In addition, the separator ring is a new and improved version of the Soft-Face™ 3D ring. It features the same tooth hugging soft silicone tip design that virtually eliminates buccal and lingual flash, but the ring itself is significantly smaller and is substantially more heat and chemically resistant, resulting in longer ring life.  These improvements have also made them easier to apply on larger molars.

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