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These sales representatives stood out for great service in the past year. They were recognized and nominated by their peers or by the customers they serve.

These sales representatives stood out for great service in the past year. They were recognized and nominated by their peers or by the customers they serve.

Martha LoBosco,
District Manager, KOMET USA

After running two law firms for 28 years, Martha LoBosco was ready for a change. Although she enjoyed her work, she yearned for a new challenge, and with support and guidance from her husband, Mark, she found the perfect one.

Mark urged Martha to explore a career in dental sales. When he heard from his former COO and mentor who was assembling an elite team of district managers for Komet USA, he knew his wife would be a perfect fit.

That was nearly six years ago, and she is still a vital member of that team. She loves every minute of the time she spends with clients, from front-office staff and dentists to college deans and residents.

“I love to walk into the offices, I love telling them about something new or about a product that’s going to make their life easier. They genuinely appreciate all the information you can give them,” she said. “They’re happy we can come in and show them the product line, eliminating the need for them to look it up in the catalog. They enjoy that interaction, and they like the personal connections we are able to make. Customers become friends; we share stories about our children and our lives in general. Little things like that make all the difference in the world. I was not able to have those interpersonal connections in my previous career,  and I now realize what was missing in my life at that time.”

LoBosco covers the territory stretching from Montauk to Brooklyn, New York. She finds a healthy combination of organization and ambition is key to managing and balancing her family life with her extensive territory.

“My ambition coupled with Komet’s fabulous support-I am so fortunate to be working with Amy Hellman as my Inside Account Representative-enables me to achieve success, keeping our customers more than satisfied with both product and service.” She loves networking and helping others in the industry, whether it’s someone looking for a product that can change the way they practice or a resident preparing to start a practice.

LoBosco is guided by her humanitarian instincts and is active in her community and charitable organizations. She recently worked to aid in the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Along with a core group, she helped organize a non-perishable food drive and participated in a blanket and clothing drive. When Martha isn’t working or volunteering her time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her husband and their 10-year-old daughter, Morgan.

Laura Woodruff,
North America Sales Manager, SDI

Even as a child, Laura Woodruff knew she was destined to be in sales.

Any time the school or Girl Scouts held a fundraiser, she easily excelled. As a child her dad explained sales commissions to her; it was then she knew this was the career path for her.

She began her career at SDI 15 years ago, and said she fell into dental by accident. She was about to get married and thinking about going back to school when a recruiter called with a job opportunity. Not knowing a lot about dental, she decided to give it a shot. She started as a territory sales rep and worked her way up to become the North America Sales Manager. “I really like working with a wide variety of people,” she said. “In my current position with SDI, I wear a lot of different hats. I’m able to be involved and influence several different areas of the company, and things are always changing. I like change. I like to be on my toes going, going.”

Woodruff describes the dental community as close knit, and loves that the doctors she works with are so engaged in their profession. They’re eager to work with their sales reps to find the best products for their patients and practice.
In the 15 years she’s been in the industry, Woodruff has found a cause to rally behind.

“Having a young child has made me very aware of the high caries rate among children. I want to do what I can to help reduce this,” she  said. “I’m excited about the things SDI is bringing to the market to help address rampant caries among children. We’re partnering with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry to help their foundation. That’s something I feel really passionate about.”

She also has a great respect for the people behind SDI and what they’re working to accomplish.

“When our sales people have ideas for marketing or product improvements or they get feedback from doctors about products, SDI is quick to respond,” she said. “It’s nice that if I have a chemistry question I can call up the head chemist at our company and ask questions. So even though we’re growing, we have a little bit of that small feel.  We also do all our own research, developing and manufacturing, which is unique for our products. Those are a few of the things that are great about SDI.”

Karen McPartlin, Field Sales
Consultant, Henry Schein

Having been on the “hands on” side of the dental chair, Henry Schein Field Sales Consultant Karen McPartlin understands the day-to-day needs of the entire dental team.

That’s why she’s so good at what she does and that’s why she enjoys when she can help provide solutions to dental practices and the patients they serve.
After 18 years as a hygienist McPartlin has spent the last nine years as part of a Schein team of full service for clinicians. She serves as the point person and gets to know her Detroit metro area customers well, while working along with Schein Dental Technology Specialists and Equipment Sales Specialists.

“We have what we call Dental Technology Specialists who support the technology, and then we have Equipment Sales Specialists that help support the equipment,” she said. “So actually it’s a team of three, in each given office. I’m the point person and handle all merchandise and create the leads and then I call my other partners in.”

Getting to know the doctors and their staff is a helpful and enjoyable part of the job. “It’s funny, you really become friends with these people and you look forward to seeing them next time. It’s what makes each day so different and rewarding,” she said. “It goes beyond the front staff and the dentist. It’s all facets.”

This is where her experience as a hygienist comes in handy.

“You may be working with the hygiene department because they’ve got a concern or a need that we can take care of, or maybe you work directly with assistants or the office manager next time on something concerning with recare or developing their hygiene program. It’s definitely a positive to have been on that side of the chair. You understand the pressure,” she said.

With a company the size of Henry Schein it can be tricky to stay on top of everything. 

“We do have a great portfolio no doubt. Sometimes you feel a little overwhelmed but fortunately we have a lot of great vendors that support us. And they’re typically a phone call away,” she said. “Schein is really good at providing us with ongoing training at the business end of the industry. The Career Development program helps us to partner with offices so we can work as a business partner rather than just that salesperson that walks through the door.”

She has made plenty of friends and helped plenty of practices, but one recent doctor sticks out.

“A particular doctor that I have in mind was ready to just throw in the towel,” she said. “He was frustrated with everything in dentistry in general, but we were able to put some good tools in his hand and he is rocking today. It’s so exciting to see that.”

Joe DiBella, Business Development Specialist for Darby Dental

For Joe DiBella, it’s all about building relationships.

He began his career in inside sales in the electronic components and computer software industries before he made the move to dental eight years ago, and the relationship part of what he does every day is one thing that remains constant, no matter the industry.

“At the end of the day what I love about any industry is the fact I get to build relationships with people,” he said. “Building those relationships goes a long way. When my clients need something, they don’t have to worry about it. They know to call me because when they call me and I tell them it’s being taken care of, it’s taken care of. It’s nice to know people rely on me and in return I can count on them.”

As an inside sales rep, DiBella is constantly on the phone prospecting new business and finding out what he can do for current customers to help their practice grow. He has about 500 clients and said they all know they can count on him for whatever they need, whether it’s buying new equipment or dealing with dental supplies.

In the last eight years he’s been at Darby, he’s seen his clients’ practices grow, and he’s happy to know he’s played a role in that.

“Watching practices grow and spend more money because they’re more profitable is great. I’ve watched a customer not doing that much business at first do four times the business and I’m part of that. I’m part of growing that practice,” he said. “I look at myself as a consultant, not a salesperson. I try to navigate people to maximize profits and potential and every dollar they spend so they can do more of what they want to do, whether that’s growing or keeping more in their own pocket.”

DiBella loves the challenges and growth that come with his job, and said the fact that he isn’t traveling gives him more time to reach out to clients.

“I’m very happy I’ve found what I love to do and very happy Darby provides me with everything I need and gives me the support I need to push forward,” he said.

When DiBella isn’t working, he loves spending time with his children, Anthony and Arianna. All the hard work he puts in is for them, and he would like to build a business he can one day pass along to them. “People appreciate what I do for them. Hearing people tell me they appreciate what I do and how I look out for them and make them aware, that goes a far way,” he said. “Makes me realize I’m doing the right thing.”

Larry Gioffre,
Regional Sales Manager-Equipment for Gendex

Q: How long have you been in dental?

A: I am proud that I have been in the dental industry for nearly 18 years and all of it has been in imaging. I also am honored to be elected to the Senior Advisory Team (SAT) for Gendex and am charged with helping make Gendex even better. The reason I haven’t moved to another area is I truly love selling technology. Imaging is never boring. New technologies are just around the corner and it challenges me to keep sharpening my skills.

Q: What do you like most about sales?

A: I see my role as more of a consultant. My goal is to help my doctors make the right digital solution. I know if I accomplish this I will be a trusted member of their team. When the time comes to upgrade or add another piece of technology to the practice, I know I will be included in the decision. The best thing about working for Gendex is we sell the complete imaging solution. Our products range from intraoral x-rays to CT cone beam machines. We are committed to bringing the next greatest piece of technology to the industry. I’m fortunate to have worked for Gendex for 14 years. I have met some great people along the way that have contributed to the person I am today. 

I get great pleasure from helping doctors realize their digital goals. It’s rewarding to see their faces light up when they take their first digital image. I know they are improving their practice and the care they provide to their patients.

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