The Top 10 New Dental Materials [VIDEO]

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2012-12-01
Issue 12

This year, clicks are the criteria for gauging reader/user interest. These products are recognized for having the most views in our product database on

This year, clicks are the criteria for gauging reader/user interest. These products are recognized for having the most views in our product database on

Ivoclar VivadentTetric EvoCeram® Bulk Fill
Tetric EvoCeramBulk Fill nano-hybrid composite material is for fast, efficient bulk placement of direct posterior composite restorations. Restorations can be placed with one material in a single increment without specific dispensing equipment. Shrinkage Stress Relievers ensure optimal marginal integrity, Polymerization Boosters within the initiator system enable 4 mm thick layers to be cured in 10 seconds and Light-Sensitivity Filters provide extended working time under ambient light.

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VOCO Americax-tra base
A fast setting bulk fill posterior composite, x-tra base allows curing of 4 mm layers in only 10 seconds when using the universal shade. The 75% filled material has a low shrinkage stress and low shrinkage combined with high compressive strength (350 MPa) and flexural strength (133 MPa). It can be used in the open and closed sandwich technique, features a self-leveling effect for easy adaptation to cavity walls and is highly radiopaque.

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Tokuyama Dental AmericaSofreliner Tough S®
Sofreliner Tough S addition-cured silicone material for relining dentures on patients that require relief on upper or lower, partial or full dentures has been added to the Sofreliner Tough Series. It is said to deliver a Shore A hardness of 24 for up to 18-month relief of irritated tissue for first-time denture wearers, after surgery, or following teeth extraction or implant procedures. The solution is designed for use where pain relief is the primary concern.

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Kerr Corp.NX3 XTR
The NX3 XTR cementation system blends the versatility of NX3 Nexus™ third generation universal dental cement with the adhesion of OptiBond® XTR self-etch universal dental bonding. The kit includes one 5 mL clear dual-cure syringe; one 5 mL bottle of primer; and one 5 mL bottle of adhesive.

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DMG AmericaPermaCem 2.0
Using both chemical and mechanical adhesion, PermaCem 2.0 permanent cement is said to provide an exceptionally strong bond to zirconium restorations. The dual-curing properties of the cement provide a strong bond across all substrates. Formulated for easy clean-up, the optimized viscosity and no-drip formulation provide for fast and easy removal of excess, resulting in less stress and chair time for the clinician. As a single-step cement, it provides the added benefit of not requiring etching.

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GC AmericaGC FujiCEM 2
Second generation resin modified GC FujiCEM2 glass ionomer luting cement is powered by F2 Flex Fuse technology. It features new high-elastic crosslinking monomers with a modified filler-surface treatment to increase strength. Indicated for indirect restorations, including all types of metal-, resin-, alumina- and zirconia-based inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges, it is said to deliver optimal bond strength and allows for completion of more restorations in less time.

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DENTSPLY CaulkAquasil Ultra Smart Wetting Impression Material Super Fast Set
Available in all viscosities, Aquasil Ultra Smart Wetting® Impression Material Super Fast Set is packaged in 2-cartridge 50 mL or DECA™ 380 mL refill. It is optimized to offer a 35-minute intraoral work time and a mouth removal time of 2 minutes 30 seconds. It’s indicated for all dental impression techniques.

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DUX DentalZONEfree
Using reflective color blending nanofillers, ZONEfree
translucent zinc oxide non-eugenol cosmetic dental temporary cement helps to create natural looking temporaries. The cement blends with the color of the patient’s teeth, crowns or other surfaces around it. It is said to be easy to apply, clean up and remove and provides exceptional retention strength. When dispensed, the cement has a pearly white appearance.

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Kuraray AmericaPanavia™ SA Cement
Featuring proprietary MDP, there is reportedly no need for a bonding agent when using Panavia SA Cement. The dual-cure, self-adhesive cement is designed to combine strength and simplicity. During clean-up, the cement is said to be easy to remove at the margins, leaving no room for damage to the gum tissue or the restoration.

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ParkellDryZ™ Retraction Paste
DryZ™ Retraction Paste is well suited for use alone or in conjunction with retraction cord and compression caps.  DryZ stops gingival bleeding and seepage from gingival crevicular fluid that may interfere with impression taking.  DryZ is not only fast-acting, but it’s also said to be just a fraction of the cost of all other retraction materials on the market. The light green color of DryZ contrasts nicely with gingiva, blood and tooth structure, making it easy to detect where the material has been placed. DryZ is also easily removed with an air/water syringe and leaves no residue to interfere with impressions or seating of restorations. DryZ also is great for tissue management when you’re seating restorations, placing rubber dams, bleaching teeth and restoring subgingival cavities. It controls seepage that may contaminate a sensitive, restorative material, allowing you to do optimal restorative dentistry.

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