Top 5 benefits of Align Technology's iTero Intraoral Scanner

February 25, 2013
Noah Levine

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2012-09-01, Issue 9

Align Technology's iTero Intraoral Scanner provides accuracy, efficiency.

Align Technology's iTero Intraoral Scanner provides accuracy, efficiency.

A vast improvement over PVS impressions, the iTero™ intraoral scanner provides increased impression accuracy for better fitting aligners and restorations. Only 0.4% of intraoral scans are rejected compared to 4% of PVS impressions with seven times fewer fit issues.*

Doctors report increased efficiency and profitability, saving 23-33 minutes per patient, and higher accuracy helps reduce chairside adjustment time, saving restorative dentists 28-38 minutes per case while providing production increases from $116,000 to $158,000 per year.

The iTero scanner captures all elements and materials found in the mouth without messy powder or gag-inducing PVS impression material for an improved patient experience.

Well suited for C&B, orthodontics and implants, it provides exclusive Invisalign connectivity. iTero open format STL files also can be integrated with third party CAD/CAM systems, CT scan files and digital orthodontic services allowing development of surgical guides and same-day temporization.

Digital scans can be directly sent to a lab, improving communication and enabling digital workflows. Doctors can easily collaborate online with labs and Align, download ClinCheck, and eliminate packaging, writing lab scripts and shipping to significantly improve productivity.


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