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Top 100: Top Editor's Choice

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2011-12-01
Issue 12

Throughout 2011, we called out the most innovative products with cover placement or the Editor’s Choice icon. These are products we believe have the most perceived impact on improving patient care and practice efficiency.

Throughout 2011, we called out the most innovative products with cover placement or the Editor’s Choice icon. These are products we believe have the most perceived impact on improving patient care and practice efficiency.

Freedom LED Headlight

Small rechargeable battery pods that attach directly to virtually any TTL loupe frame power the Freedom light, eliminating cables and belt packs. The lightweight headlight delivers 5000 foot candles, and the constant current technology means the illumination will maintain its intensity over the 6-hour run-time of the batteries. The headlight is designed with capacitive touch controls so the practitioner can control the light while holding instruments. This technology also eliminates bacteria traps associated with traditional buttons and switches. The Freedom system includes a battery charging station and 4 fast-charging hot swappable batteries that deliver 6 hours of illumination.
800-369-3698   •  orascoptic.com

Philips Oral Healthcare
Zen Cordless Prophy

With its completely cordless design and wireless rheostat foot pedal, the Zen™ Cordless Prophy Polishing System is designed to allow users the freedom to move around patients, reducing wrist-strain and improving ergonomics. Described as lightweight and powerful, the handpiece is powered by a lithium battery said to last throughout the day, and the system is completely portable for offsite use. Three autoclavable barrier shells are included, eliminating the need for infection control sleeves.

Azenic Inc.
DHP Disposable Highspeed Handpiece

Engineered for cutting with an ergonomic design, the Azenic DHP™ Disposable Highspeed Handpiece offers the performance of a metallic highspeed handpiece with the convenience and infection control benefits of a disposable, for every application. It is designed for single patient use and is a reliable, disposable alternative and complement to other handpieces. It is available in a unit-dispensing box of 12 individually wrapped units.
888-DHP-7576  •  azenic.com

WaveOne Endodontic Files

Featuring a geometry designed to provide optimal performance and ease of use via the reciprocating movement of the company’s e3 torque control motor, WaveOne™ endodontic files are said to fully shape most canals with just one file. Made from proprietary M-Wire® Nickel Titanium technology, the files reportedly reduce shaping time by up to 40%, reduce risk of file screwing or breakage, and respect the canal anatomy. With only one instrument needed per canal, the files are an economical single-use option.

Septodont Inc.

Featuring a proprietary scalpel-designed bevel, the Evolution needle is engineered for a smoother penetration with less tissue displacement. This is said to lead to less discomfort for patients, even when used for multiple injections. For dentists, the need for less force, combined with significantly reduced deflection, reportedly brings better control and accuracy.
800-872-8305  •  septodontusa.com

Philips Sonicare

Featuring “microburst technology,” the Sonicare AirFloss is designed to increase ease of use while maximizing interdental plaque removal. Engineered to use a rapid burst of air and water droplets to thoroughly fill up the interproximal area and force biofilm out, the unit also features an ergonomic handle and a slim angled nozzle designed for easy access to all areas of the mouth. The point and one-button operation is said to clean the entire mouth in less than a minute, using less than 1 tsp of water for two full cleaning sessions.

IPR Starter Kit

Created in collaboration with Dr. Jerry Gildner, the IPR Starter Kit contains 6 hand selected oscillating instruments for optimal interproximal enamel reduction (IPR). An addition to the OS System, the starter kit includes 2 single-sided OS discs, 2 double-sided OS discs, and 2 new single-sided, thin contact breakers that are abrasive enough to cut through tight interproximal contacts. Used with the KOMET OS handpiece, OS30, the oscillating discs are the ideal collection for simplified and predictable IPR.
888-566-3887  •  komet-usa.com

Pedo Crowns

Hu-Friedy Pedo Crowns are available as an introductory kit as well as in a full line of individually sized crowns in 48 sizes and packaged in refill boxes. The stainless steel crowns are said to deliver consistent, accurate and predictable clinical results. They are pre-trimmed and crimped for quick and simple placement, with soft, adaptable gingival margin and lateral areas for easy trimming and contouring. They also provide an accurate occlusal anatomy that mimics the natural tooth.
800-HU-FRIEDY  •  hu-friedy.com

DENTSPLY Professional
ONCE Single-use Diamonds

The sterilized, individually packaged, single-use Midwest ONCE diamond rotary instruments are said to improve productivity and reduce operating costs. The instruments provide high quality to patients while reducing cross-contamination and enhancing infection control procedures and methods. A red dot on the label indicates the diamonds have been irradiated. A box contains 25 instruments made from a special blend of diamonds.
800-800-2888  •  professional.dentsply.com


The GXDP-700™ system starts with a 2D digital panoramic system upgradable from 2D panoramic to Cephalometrics or 3D Cone Beam small field-of-view (SFOV) or both. Also new, the GXDP-300™ panoramic incorporates the most commonly used imaging modes; a simple, three-step pan process; and a sleek, compact body design. The GXPS-500™ PSP also is offered and allows fast tracking into digital imaging while retaining the office’s familiar workflow.
800-323-8029  •  gendex.com

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