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Top 100: Top 10 New Materials

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2011-12-01
Issue 12

This year, clicks are the criteria for gauging reader/user interest. These products are recognized for having  the most views in our product database at marketplace.dentalproductsreport.com.

This year, clicks are the criteria for gauging reader/user interest. These products are recognized for having  the most views in our product database at marketplace.dentalproductsreport.com.

GC America
G-ænial Bond

G-ænial Bond is a 7th generation, one-step self-etching bonding agent designed specifically for self-etching on dentin or etch-and-rinse on enamel. With improved shear bond strength to both dentin and enamel, it can be used with the manufacturer’s low-viscosity G-ænial Flo and high-viscosity G-ænial Universal Flo nano-hybrid light-cured flowable composites.
800-323-7063   •  gcamerica.com


Bioactive and biocompatible Biodentine is an all-in-one dentin replacement material that can be used in both the crown and root wherever dentin is damaged. Indications include restoring deep cavities, pulp capping, pulpotomies, perforations and internal/external resorptions. In addition to treating damaged dentin, it reportedly provides a number of clinical benefits including remineralization, preservation of pulp and prevention of clinical failures.  
800-872-8305  •  septodontusa.comVOCO America

In addition to exceptional esthetics and smooth, non-sticky handling, GrandioSO universal nano hybrid composite is designed to provide surface hardness, strength, elasticity, wear, stability and thermal behavior similar to natural dentition. It uses silicon dioxide designer nano filler combined with traditional glass ceramic filler particles to form a hard network with nano particles filling the spaces. It comes in 16 non-light sensitive shades including 3 special shades added to the standard VITA range.
888-658-2584  • vocoamerica.comKurarayClearfil Esthetic Cement EX
A dual-cure, high performance resin cement system, Clearfil Esthetic Cement EX is offered in Universal, Clean and Opaque White shades. The system uses self-etch technology to achieve low post-operative sensitivity, long-term durability and high bond strength. The Standard Kit contains Ceramic Primer, Alloy Primer, DC Bond and K-Etchant Gel. The Mini Kit can be used for CAD/CAM restorations and for cementing porcelain, lucite, metals and resin composites.
800-879-1676  •  kuraraydental.comHenry Schein

Swedish-made Doxa Ceramir® crown and bridge luting cement integrates with natural tooth structure, is stable in the mouth and reportedly exhibits tooth-like physical and mechanical properties, allowing clinicians to seal the restorative-tooth interface with a biocompatible, bioceramic material. It is said to offer outstanding strength and stability and resin-cement-like retention with no shrinkage and virtually no post-operative sensitivity. Moisture tolerant, it requires no bonding agents or extra steps, and is easy to handle and clean up.
800-372-4346  •  CeramirUS.comDMG America
Honigum Pro

Featuring GPS technology, Honigum Pro impression material is formulated with Directional Intelligence™ to help it find its way into tiny crevices and hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. It is said to be able to change its flow characteristics when placed under pressure. With a honey aroma and flexible working time, it goes where placed, flows where needed and comes off intact when removed.
800-662-6383  •  dmg-america.comBISCO DentalSELECT HV ETCH
Available with Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC), SELECT HV™ ETCH is a 35% high viscosity phosphoric etch. Used to condition tooth structure before bonding adhesives, composites or sealants, the etchant is specially formulated for maximum working and handling, pin-point placement performance and eliminating run-on onto the dentin surface. It is said to improve the quality of the etch pattern and bonding surface when etching uncut enamel.
800-247-3368  •  bisco.com3M ESPE

Universal Adhesive
Helping to dramatically simplify the adhesive process, Scotchbond™ Universal Adhesive is a single-bottle adhesive with a forgiving technique that is said to offer versatile solutions for direct and indirect restorations. Described as easy-to-use, it reportedly provides uncompromising performance and bond strength for all surfaces in total- or self-etch mode, and works on moist and dry substrates without primer. The flip-top vial delivery allows for one-hand operation, and it can be stored at room temperature for up to 2 years.
800-634-2249  •  3MESPE.comDENTSPLY Caulk
ChemFil Rock

The proprietary zinc-reinforced formula of self-adhesive ChemFil™ Rock advanced glass ionomer restorative provides optimal strength for long-lasting restorations. The optimized formula also provides a less sticky, more packable consistency for fast bulk placement. It is available in an easy-to-use capsule and features an ergonomic applicator gun for direct capsule delivery.
800-532-2855  • www.caulk.comIvoclar Vivadent
Tetric EvoCeram

Reformulated Tetric EvoCeram nano-optimized composite filling material offers extended working time under ambient light combined with faster curing times, new shades with enhanced shade matching qualities and improved handling properties. The fillers used exhibit the same “refractive index” as the monomer, creating an exceptional chamdentition.
800-533-6825  • ivoclarvivadent.us

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