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Top 100: Top 5 Marketing Services

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2011-12-01
Issue 12

These practice building marketing tools are designed to help you develop a marketing plan that goes beyond traditional phone calls and mailings.

These practice building marketing tools are designed to help you develop a marketing plan that goes beyond traditional phone calls and mailings.

Email Finder

As an add-on service to the Demandforce D3 online patient communications and marketing platform, Email Finder can take names from a practice’s patient base and match them against a third party national database to find valid email addresses that clinicians can use to more effectively reach their patients. This is a great tool for new offices or offices looking to up their email marketing efforts, increase office efficiency, or simply implement a more green approach to dentistry. The Demandforce D3 system integrates seamlessly with existing practice management software to automate marketing to existing patients and helps enhance the practice’s Web presence to attract new patients. Features include: two-way text message capabilities for patients to confirm appointments; online newsletters that enable practices to segment the patient base; and real-time tracking that automatically displays campaign results and patient satisfaction so the office can see what’s working.
800-246-9853   •  Demandforce.com/emailfinder

Solutionreach, formerly Smile Reminder
Xtend Platform

Encompassing six external communication and patient acquisition tools, the Xtend Platform is designed to provide practices with relevant and effective outreach solutions. srvideo and Active Presence are two Xtend Platform tools designed to help you up your marketing game. The srvideo digital tool captures patient testimonial videos that can be uploaded to popular video websites including YouTube, Google Videos and Yahoo! Video. The proprietary tool enables practices to offer word-of-mouth patient satisfaction on a larger scale and enhance confidence in a practice’s doctor and staff. With the installation of a Webcam at a practice’s front desk, patients can record testimonials as they come and go from appointments, or they can access the recording tools from anywhere with an Internet connection. The system automatically codes the recorded video clips with relevant search titles and keywords prior to publishing them online. Active Presence allows practices to control and streamline their “webutation” through a three-part system: Active Monitor routinely combs the Web looking for all reviews mentioning a specific practice; Active Review enables practices to manage their “webutation” by integrating patient reviews with Google Place Pages; and Active Push assists practices with managing their listings online.
866-605-6867  •  solutionreach.com

Sesame CommunicationsTop Patient Appeal Rated Dental Website
A national market research study conducted by Sesame Communications, in partnership with Resolution Research, revealed key characteristics that determine if the experience viewers have on a dental website attracts them to a dental practice. Based on that research, Sesame Communications developed a system to measure the Top Patient Appeal Rating of a website that evaluates 25 factors that are the difference between bringing new patients into a dental practice or sending them elsewhere. Sesame not only helps clinicians assess their website’s Top Patient Appeal Rating but also measures the effectiveness of the practice’s current website user experience.
877-633-5193  •  sesamecommunications.com

My Social PracticeMySocialPractice.com
There’s a lot of buzz today about social media marketing. Many practices are asking, “Can social media be effective in building our practice, or is it a fad that takes too much time?” Social media is word-of-mouth marketing online. It increases patient loyalty and is a powerful tool for acquiring new patients. Some practices are simply jumping on the bandwagon without any real thought about “the why” and without a clear strategy. My Social Practice combines tools, content, strategy training and support into an integrated solution that helps practices attract new patients, increase patient loyalty, and achieve greater growth and fulfillment.
877-316-7516  •  mysocialpractice.com/about

ActionRun Inc.ActionRun
ActionRun is a comprehensive marketing and patient communication platform. It attracts new patients for dentists using stellar reviews garnered from their happy patients. It reduces no-shows by automatically confirming and recalling patients using email and text messages. When email and text messages fail, ActionRun calls patients for you, freeing up staff time to truly focus on patient care. ActionRun’s most unusual feature is clinical reactivation. Unlike reactivation products that use traditional generic messages that produce little traceable results, ActionRun gets unresponsive and noncompliant patients back with enormous effectiveness, even after years of inactivity. The key is using patients’ clinical records to meaningfully engage with lost patients. ActionRun offers a money-back revenue value guarantee, with no long term contract commitment.
877-890-0010  •  actionrun.com

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