Solve My Problem: A smart implant detector

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report March 2020, Volume 54, Issue 3

Information provided by Forum Technologies.


Determining an accurate location of buried implants can be challenging and time consuming

Chairtime, healing time, and pain required for either the patient and the dentist can be substantial.


Spotter Smart Implant Detector

  • This tool helps to easily and accurately find buried implants

  • Eliminates the need to open the flap 

  • Minimizes suturing requirements and shortens the recovery period 

  • Saves valuable gum tissue 

  • Suitability with various Titanium implant systems

  • For 2 stage implantology when using no healing cup, Spotter is a unique instrument in the modern implantology procedure. Utilizing advanced technology, it supports the dentist’s position as innovative and technology oriented

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