Solve My Problem: Milling burs built to last against the hardest materials

Dental Lab Products, Dental Lab Products October 2020, Volume 42, Issue 3

SS White DuraDi™ and LAZER SHARP™ for Roland® milling machines are designed for long life and superior cutting.

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It can be difficult to find high quality CAD/CAM instruments that last a long time

Remakes can be required if excessive heat and cutting force are created by using lesser quality milling burs.


DuraDi Burs for Roland Milling

  • Unique coating gives users longer wear and improved efficiency, which leads to reduced milling costs
  • Reduce remakes by lowering excessive heat and cutting force often required by using lesser quality milling burs
  • Ample chip space guarantees efficient chip removal
  • Polished flutes provide bur-free, clean milling results
  • Engineered for superior cutting performance resulting in a smoother surface quality
  • SSWhite Dura Burs for Roland milling machines are built to last against the hardest materials, including zirconium and PMMA, as well as soft materials like wax blanks. the optimal design of the bur leads to a long-life advantage compared to other competitive burs

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